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  1. Saving Money I've tried paying my layaway online and when it wouldn't work I called I called the store and not one word from her that other people where having the same problems so when I finally got on with the mobile site I made my payment online at least that's what I thought, so a wk went by and when I couldn't see my next payment date I went into the store and they told me my layaway was cancelled I never got one phone call from anyone and I've been using kmart layaway for almost 5 yrs and when I was one day late they would call so now I have nothing I have to start all over thanks to the help of the kmart workers I will never use them again because of this y'all should of lat people know what was going on and work with them not show y'all could careless anyone out there ale sure you go pay in the store cause if you are only 3 days late and call the store they will lie to you and won't say a word to you they will just put it up, and I have prove the I called and tried paying online and no one said anything about the mobile site not taking the payments