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Comm Mgr

Community managers take care of the entire community so we can enjoy it.
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Moderators are the good people who help get questions answered and make sure everyone follows the rules.
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Experts are the smart cookies who know a ton about products and answer questions.
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Kmart Cares

People with this badge are trained customer care representatives who make sure you get help when you need it.
Associate Associate


Associates are actual employees of Sears Holding Corporation, but not part of the Community Team.
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These are business partners of or suppliers to Sears Holdings Corporation.
Editor Editor


Editors are grammar gurus who create blogs and guides that you will enjoy.
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Sr. Blogger

Count on these topical wordsmiths to deliver blogs and guides that matter to you.
  1. Home & Family 10 House Cleaning Tips to Help You Clean Like a Pro

    That would be great! The good thing is she helps WHEN you are doing the cleaning, now it is trying to get her to clean up in between. She loves using a duster (which was a gift and has not been…
  2. Home & Family 10 House Cleaning Tips to Help You Clean Like a Pro

    Great tips! I am going to have to invest in a caddy that's for sure! It can get tiring having to repeatedly walk back and forth to the kitchen for supplies that are needed for cleaning. I also lo…
  3. Home & Family Meet our New Cleaning Coach - Leslie Reichert

    Welcome Leslie! I am looking forward to reading more on your tips for green cleaning!
  4. Home & Family Delicious and Easy Autumn Recipes

    Unfortunately I do not have any fall recipes to share but I would love to try the pumpkin cheesecake! Adding to my list of new recipes! ;-)
  5. Home & Family 40 Quick and Healthy Snacks Under 100 Calories

    Great snack tips! I love to snack in between meals, this will help in choosing better snacks while also losing weight.
  6. Home & Family I Can’t Believe Kmart Sells…Volume 13

    I agree yobarps! Or, you have the issue with them not having the "crush ice" available. A few times I had to pick up the "block" which causes more frustration for you have to break it up. UUGGHH!
  7. Home & Family I Can’t Believe Kmart Sells…Volume 13

    I have the same issue Julie! There just never seems to be enough ice all year round! This mini ice maker would solve quite a few squabbles on who didn't fill the trays and put them back in the f…
  8. Home & Family 5 Tips for a Toddler’s Picky Eating Habits

    My 3 year old grand-daughter has been getting pretty picky these days with the foods she loved. One major food she loved to eat was mashed potatoes, we tried everything to having her even help make it…
  9. Home & Family I Can't believe Kmart Sells...Volume 10

    This is such a fun addition! Kids tend to love these things especially when going to a Birthday party where parents had provided the Bouncer by renting or owning for the kids to play. We had r…
  10. Holidays & Parties Best Sunburn Care and Prevention Tips

    Wonderful information for I have fair skin and always under risk of getting sun-burnt. I have always drank plenty of water during this time, but it is great to know of that fruit juices also help in t…
  11. Home & Family I Can’t Believe Kmart Sells…Volume 9

  12. Home & Family I Can’t Believe Kmart Sells…Volume 9

    Absolutely!! I do believe you would have more customers stopping for snow cone than a drink! ;-)
  13. Garden Solutions Center Growing Super Speedy Vegetables in 65 Days or Less

    Great information Kris! I am excited to start my own garden and with these helpful tips I am feeling a lot more confident! ;-)
  14. Saving Money Smart Shopping with Kmart Layaway

    I love this option! I have been using the Kmart layaway for over 20 years now. It started off as school and summer clothes for the kids, then went to holiday shopping and necessity big items.
  15. Home & Family Baby and Toddler Diaper Bag Checklist for Family Outings

    Great list of baby needs! It is so easy to forget to grab items when on the go. But if you have a checklist such as the one provided and fill the diaper bag each night, it will help lesson the load…
  16. Outdoors 5 Great Outdoor Playsets for Kids This Summer

    These are great suggestions! My daughter use to have a pink Camaro and drove that little car every where! After 2 years we finally handed it down to a friend for her little girl to use.
  17. Home & Family I Can’t Believe Kmart Sells…Volume 5

    These are great! I see quite a few of the clear one around here for it fits perfectly in small back yard areas. Great share Laurel! ;)
  18. Home & Family I Can't Believe Kmart Sells...Volume 1

    WOW!This will be great! It will save a 30 minute drive to the vets. What a great find!
  19. Holidays & Parties 10 of the Best Dog Breeds for Children

    Since having children, we have always strayed towards German Shepherds and Labradors. Our last Lab was 17 years old and was a very loving dog who always watched over the kids while outside, especially…
  20. Outdoors 5 Outdoor Play Safety Rules to Teach Your Child

    Wonderful tips! All it takes is for you to look away for 1 sec and they are off and running in the opposite direction. We are just now really emphasizing these rules to my 2 year old grand-daughter…
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