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Associates are actual employees of Sears Holding Corporation, but not part of the Community Team.
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These are business partners of or suppliers to Sears Holdings Corporation.
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  1. Home & Family I was just wondering if i can still return a pair of jeans i bought in Oct. They have never been worn. I have the receipt and the tags are still attached. Thank you (:

    Hi StacyP40! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Our Return Policy varies depending on the item, to view policy please

    Saving Money I'm enrolled in K Mart rewards but don't have a card. Every time I make a purchase I have to give my e-mail adress to the cashier because I changed my phone number and I don't remember the number that I gave when I entered in the rewards program. How can I access my account and change my phone number?

    Hi Robledo13! I have provided additional information on your original thread. Please
  2. Home & Family I've been trying to sign up for SYWR to change my number but cant since I dont have a card number, never recieved one, what do I do

    Hi Robledo13! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! I am not sure if you already have an account and having issues accessing or needing to actually sign up for one so I will be providing information…
  3. Books Favorite children's book of all time?

    When I was working in the schools, Amelia Bedelia was a favorite with most of the kiddos I had seen. Another great author is Patricia Polacco whom I shared story time with the older kids for story-…
  4. General Does Kmart double coupons every day? If not then how often and how do you find out when?

    Hi Gcar! We appreciate your update and have forwarded to the appropriate party to address this issue. Please keep us posted if you have any further concerns. Thank you!
  5. Home & Family I am a new employee trying to log on to complete my new hire paperwork. The system allows me to enter my user name and password, then does nothing??? Is the system down?? Am I missing a step??

    Hi TammyM! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Congratulations on your hire and I am sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with completing your paperwork. At times you can try refresh…
  6. Health & Fitness What's your favorite spring sport? Do you play or have children playing spring team sports?

    I love spring sports and was quite active in my younger days. My son was great with soccer and baseball where as my daughter was quite the runner with cross country and softball. Such a great ti…
  7. Outdoors Happy spring! Today is the first official day of spring. Does it feel like spring where you are?

    Hi Yobarps! We have had beautiful weather these past few days but of course the rain is getting ready to come on my days off LOL Does it normally snow after March there? I hope you have had a…
  8. General Does Kmart double coupons every day? If not then how often and how do you find out when?

    Hi Gcar! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! The Kmart double coupon program ended on January 11, 2014. Recently there was a Double Coupon Event which was 3/16- to 3/22 which might be what the…
  9. Saving Money Where do I find my pin Number?

    Hi Pussycat1944! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! To locate your pin number, membership number as well as transaction history, please log into your
  10. Saving Money During Kmart double days can a $2 coupon double to $4 off one item? I called a couple kmarts. One says yes ,one says no. I also seen it be done for a lady on You tube.

    Hi Dbueno02! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! I am sorry to hear that you had received conflicting information in regards to your inquiry. In reaching out to one of our contacts the answer …
  11. Outdoors Happy spring! Today is the first official day of spring. Does it feel like spring where you are?

    You bet it does! We have had beautiful blue skies this past week, but a very cold wind chill. We are starting to see more and more colors blooming around us which has been great!
  12. Holidays & Parties Do You Plan To Participate On St Patrick's Day?

    Oh Yum! My sister and I use to go all out each year and would take turns cooking. But now that we live so far from each out and our kids have grown we do not cook as much as we did. I did cook a l…
  13. Saving Money can i use 40 $3.00 coupons in one purchase

    Hi brizrj! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Please call your local Kmart store in regards to their coupon policy for they will be able to answer this question for you in better detail. Thank…
  14. Saving Money i have a lease and go account how o i log in to it

    Hi racy-99! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Please click through to the Kmart WNLI program landing page and cl…
  15. Saving Money trying to find out what i have to do to get a donation for a fundraiser we are doing to raise funds for a single paretn who has cancer please some one get back to me!

  16. Saving Money Can I see all my transactions?

    Hi ajowens, Welcome to the MyKmart Community! There are 2 options in viewing transactions for your purchases. To locate an in-store, online or layaway receipts please sign into your <…
  17. Home & Family forgot a bag in shopping cart, what do i do now?

    Hi rainbowhippy! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! If you had been signed in to your Kmart account when adding items to your s…
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