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  1. Saving Money where can i view a list of sunoco gas stations that take the rewards?

    Hi metchu14! I would be happy to help in locating stations for you! For zip codes 02144,02145, 01845: 1250 Boylston St. Boston MA Rt 1 700 Broadway Saugus, MA I hope this helps. Thank …
  2. General Even though Kmart hasn't added any new stores in the last five years (and has been shuttering them to regain financial footing), when the company is strong enough again, how does Kmart determine which communities to re-establish stores in? I really want my Kmart back! :(

    Hi ajsanjua! We appreciate you stopping back in to share your feedback with us. Your feedback is very important to us and I feel your concerns in driving an hour, for I too travel a 2 hour round tr…
  3. Books got locked out of portal trying to get pay stub yesterday.. still have not been able to get check stub.. what do I do this is an emergency

    Hi Shine55! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with
  4. Saving Money i lost my gift card but have my e reciept and it shows i have money on it and the last four numbers what should i do

    Hi vearlie! Were you able to seek assistance with calling 1-800-922-5511 or Customer Service at 1-866-562-7848? Please note I have removed your personal information for you security. Please k…
  5. Saving Money i lost my gift card but have my e reciept and it shows i have money on it and the last four numbers what should i do

    Hi jsnow82! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! I am sorry to hear that you had lost your gift card. For balance inquiry or replacement, call 1-800-922-5511 and they should be able to help you wit…
  6. Saving Money Delete account

    Hi teecheetah! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! We will be sorry to see you go! We have forwarded your request and will update once completed. Thank you!
  7. Holidays & Parties How do you celebrate Easter?

    We love our big dinners and egg hunting. I haven't actually checked out events yet in our area but I am sure in our little town there will be a few ones going on. My fingers are crossed that it wil…
  8. Home & Family What do you do with your pet when you go out of town?

    We had a cat that we had taken to a boarding facility and it was WONDERFUL! We were in between moves and no one was able to keep her that length of time. She was in there for almost 3 weeks for we wer…
  9. Home & Family Have you used a Professional Cleaning Company?

    That's great to hear! I know a few people who have someone come in weekly to help with the more strenuous aspects of cleaning. My niece started her own Office Cleaning business a few years ago and …
  10. Home & Family This is less of a question more of a complaint that has building up for months. For Christmas my boyfriend bought me an engagement ring from Kmart. It was beautiful and all around perfect. The thing is i had just recently had a baby and he had used an old ring for size. We called the store and they said they would have to do a refund and reorder it. The day we were going to the store we had lost the receipt thinking because he used the layaway they would be able to pull up every payment and use that but they were not. We don’t make much and with a new baby money is very tight. So here i am ring size 8 desperately trying to make my fingers lose weight so i can wear my ring for the first time. I am very saddened that the company was not am to help us

    Hi dispointedLA14! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! We appreciate you sharing your concerns and am sorry that your local Kmart store was not able to help locate your receipt. There are 2 oth…
  11. Home & Family Pregnancy and Gender Discrimination

    Hi jnbrown2011! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! I am very sorry to hear of these issues you have been experiencing and want to help by providing contact information for you. In following th…
  12. General How and where do you apply for kmart online?

    Hi Yadii! Did you by chance receive an email after submitting application? Please call our Human Resources for assistance at 1-888-88sears (888-887-3277)and they will be able to help in directin…
  13. Home & Family Still no refund

    Hi illucy2! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! We appreciate you bringing this issue to our attention and am sorry to hear that you are still awaiting your refund. I am putting you in touch wi…
  14. Saving Money And 1 other thing I forgot to mention. I went to 2 different K-Marts spend over 100 at each and no coupon for gas. I was told that the machine was down (really at both?) and they couldn't go anything about it.

    Hi doug799! Thank you for the additional information! Your input with be quite helpful to others. We appreciate you sharing with us in the Community!
  15. Health & Fitness the cashier said the phone no. That I gave to her is not much on my name so I cannot use my points.when I gave to her my no. I have a points of 47$ when they told me put my pin it's invalid coz it's not the same name.,,how can I get a copy of receipts so I can redeem my points.,,thanks .,,,

    Hi, I am sorry to hear that you are still having issues locating your receipt. It might be best to reach out to our SYWR Customer Care at 1-800-991-8708. They will be able to help in every way t…
  16. Home & Family Did you celebrate/participate in Red Cross Month?

    That is wonderful! Being a donor plays a big part in reaching out and helping others. I am very grateful for those who do so for once upon a time in my early 20's my fiance needed both, bone marrow an…
  17. Home & Family I was just wondering if i can still return a pair of jeans i bought in Oct. They have never been worn. I have the receipt and the tags are still attached. Thank you (:

    Hi StacyP40! Welcome to the MyKmart Community! Our Return Policy varies depending on the item, to view policy please

    Saving Money I'm enrolled in K Mart rewards but don't have a card. Every time I make a purchase I have to give my e-mail adress to the cashier because I changed my phone number and I don't remember the number that I gave when I entered in the rewards program. How can I access my account and change my phone number?

    Hi Robledo13! I have provided additional information on your original thread. Please
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