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Hi Everyone! To share a little bit about me: I have a true passion for helping others. I have been a manager in the Customer Service world for many years now. I am a people person that loves interacting with people daily. I believe a manager manages “things” and leads people. I love learning something new each day! I am an employee of Sears Holdings Corporation. Being with Sears I am able to inspire and create new relationships each day! I am empowered to help and find solutions for both our internal and external members! If something isn’t going right, you love what we are doing or you have a suggestion, I want to hear it! I’m looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you as one of our valuable community members!

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  1. Liked this: Home & Family 10 House Cleaning Tips to Help You Clean Like a Pro

    Great tips! I am going to have to invest in a caddy that's for sure! It can get tiring having to repeatedly walk back and forth to the kitchen for supplies that are needed for cleaning. I also lo…
  2. Liked this: Home & Family Meet our New Cleaning Coach - Leslie Reichert

    Welcome Leslie! I am looking forward to reading more on your tips for green cleaning!
  3. Liked this: Garden Solutions Center Harvest Tips for Peak of Flavor & Garden Fresh Salsa

    Thanks for another great blog! I understand completely about waiting for the perfect ripeness of fruit or vegetable before picking it. But I think the animals and bugs know the right time also! LOL Ha…
  4. Liked this: Garden Solutions Center Harvest Tips for Peak of Flavor & Garden Fresh Salsa

    Going to have to try this salsa recipe! I have tried to make homemade salsas before and never quite get it right. I struggle with getting the right consistency and they always come out too bland. Hopi…
  5. Liked this: Home & Family Test products shipped to your home

    I was able to up-end mine from the porch and then I 'walked' it to the inner garage door, where I was able to lay it down on the two steps and into the house on the carpet there. I then stood it up ag…
  6. Liked this: Home & Family Test products shipped to your home

    Thank you for sending the info to my email, will do a review in a few more days. So far so good. :-)
  7. Liked this: Home & Family Test products shipped to your home

    I also received this box, my friend !!! I saved the welcoming email, which included a link to the review that should be completed within seven days... I plan on trying it out this weekend :) ! Good lu…
  8. Liked this: Holidays & Parties What fall TV premieres are you most looking forward to?

    I am looking forward to Survivor and The Walking Dead! Currently my other favorite shows started such as Project Runway, Face Off and Ink Master!
  9. Liked this: Home & Family who else is never walking into a kmart again after that ghetto bus/kid commercial

    Hi Everyone. Just want to thank you all for sharing your opinions here and also remind you to please be courteous to others here. We sincerely appreciate every single member's feedback and want everyo…
  10. Liked this: Home & Family Hi, I need to find an answer to something I received into my e-mail from the Moderators.

    Thank you for the quick response and the survey did go through, but I am not sure how the program works. I therefore had to guess what would be best to check off as choices. I realize there most lik…
  11. Liked this: Holidays & Parties Its a beautiful day in Portland Oregon area! Come and enjoy the sunshine with...

    Oh my ! While I can't be there, Wendy, I'll try to imagine enjoying all of those yummy treats, my friend ! Perhaps in another year or two I'll arrange it :):) !
  12. Liked this: Home & Family French Inspired Dishes Fit for Bastille Day

    I LOVE crepes! We used to make them all of the time. This is reminding me how easy and delicious they are!
  13. Liked this: General KDollar Information and Locations. Check it out to see if one is near you!

    Hi PassiveReflex, Here is the address for the KDollar in Waukegan: 3110 Belvidere Rd Waukegan, Illinois 60085. Let us know how your visit goes for we would very much like to hear of your expe…
  14. Liked this: Holidays & Parties Seven Festive Recipes for Your 4th of July Feast

    I LOVE the idea of that flag cake! Super easy and so festive. I would probably make a whipped cream frosting instead of a buttercream. I am bringing this to the party some friends are having on the …
  15. Liked this: General 4th of July Plans?

    Sounds like a lot of fun Laurel! Yummmm the country broil sounds great! Have a great time! ;)
  16. Liked this: General 4th of July Plans?

    Nothing going on my way! Currently we are checking to see where we can take the grand-baby for a few hours in the afternoon. She did not take to well with the fireworks going off last year, so get…
  17. Liked this: General 4th of July Plans?

    I am working this year but also attending a cookout by the lake later in the evening. The family hosting is doing a low country broil, pretty excited about the feast! :) Tubing the Muskegon sounds …
  18. Liked this: General Smart Sense Coffee Creamers

    I've been on a hardcore coffee kick lately. I work a lot of mornings so I need my creamers. Noticed my Smart Sense French Vanilla creamer was floating around Little Caesars dining room the other night…
  19. Liked this: General Smart Sense Coffee Creamers

    I agree with Izel very much! Smart Sense Hazelnut creamer is great, had some today in my coffee. I myself would especially love to buy Smart Sense creamers if they had Sugar-Free (but not Fat Fr…
  20. Liked this: General Smart Sense Coffee Creamers

    Hi, Izel! Thanks for sharing this suggestion. I believe we sent similar feedback regarding Smart Sense coffee creamer a while back. I will be happy to share this suggestion again! I agree with you, pu…
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