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Hi Everyone! To share a little bit about me: I have a true passion for helping others. I have been a manager in the Customer Service world for many years now. I am a people person that loves interacting with people daily. I believe a manager manages “things” and leads people. I love learning something new each day! I am an employee of Sears Holdings Corporation. Being with Sears I am able to inspire and create new relationships each day! I am empowered to help and find solutions for both our internal and external members! If something isn’t going right, you love what we are doing or you have a suggestion, I want to hear it! I’m looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you as one of our valuable community members!

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  1. Saving Money are my reward points able to be used on perscriptions?

    Hi whutchinson89! Unfortunately, you cannot redeem your Shop Your Way points on prescriptions, but the exciting news is that each qualifying prescription adds 500 points to your Shop Your Way Rewards …
  2. Home & Family I want to purchase the Proscan 50" Smart HDTV for $499 Thanksgiving Night. I notice you can put this item on layaway with a down payment of $51 and 4 payments of $114. Will this only be offered for 4 payments or will you be able to extend to additional payments?

    Happy Thanksgiving, Brandycollins! I have checked with my resources and unfortunately, we can not extend the Layaway payments for this TV. However it will be 4 bi-weekly payments. Just in case you nee…
  3. Holidays & Parties Pumpkin Carving Traditions?

    I learn something new everyday! I've never had to worry about that before! That's too bad the squirrels eat them so you can't keep the pumpkins outside until the day of!
  4. Holidays & Parties Pumpkin Carving Traditions?

    That sounds like fun, Julie!! I've never heard of squirrels going after pumpkins? Do they ruin them?? lol
  5. Holidays & Parties Pumpkin Carving Traditions?

    Growing up we always had this tradition! It always started by getting a bunch of old newspapers and covering the table completely so the guts of the pumpkins wouldn't get all over the table. We would …
  6. Holidays & Parties Dancing with the Stars - Who's your favorite this season?

    I'm rooting for Valerie Harper. (I know she probably won't win, but still...)
  7. Home & Family Test products shipped to your home

    Thank you, yobarps! I'm going to go check out your review now on what you thought of it! We appreciate you participating in the program!
  8. Home & Family Test products shipped to your home

    Hi For2Day! Once the products are confirmed for your group, I will send you a little note beforehand to let you know! :-)
  9. Home & Family Test products shipped to your home

    Hi For2Day! I just checked and you are actually in our next wave of items to test and review. You will be getting an e-mail hopefully very soon to test an item! Have a great holiday weekend!
  10. Home & Family Test products shipped to your home

    Hi Izel8326! I have to say your post made me laugh out loud! We are very excited you wanted to participate in our product review program! We sent the instructions to the e-mail address provided from y…
  11. Holidays & Parties What fall TV premieres are you most looking forward to?

    I'm looking forward to the X-Factor!
  12. Home & Family Hi, I need to find an answer to something I received into my e-mail from the Moderators.

    Hi For2Day! There seemed to be an update that was going on, but everything should be working correctly now. Would you mind please trying again and let us know if it still does not work? Thank you very…
  13. Holidays & Parties Happy Mother's Day!

    Happy Mother's Day!!
  14. General I can't believe Kmart sells...

    Now I want some donuts, Wendy! This is pretty cool!
  15. General Ship my Pants (Best Kmart Commercial!)

    I agree! I love Ship My Pants! It never gets old watching it either! If anything, it makes me laugh more! :-)
  16. General Kmart Announced as Top Fundraising Partner for St. Jude's Annual Thanks and Giving Campaign

    This is GREAT! Thank you for posting, Laurel! Thanks again to everyone who made donations!
  17. General How are you planning to lose the Holiday weight this year?

    I just made my first batch this morning!! I added peach flavored tea! It's REALLY good!! Still haven't had any pop and now with this I don't think I will be craving it! Thanks for the recipe, londonte…
  18. General How are you planning to lose the Holiday weight this year?

    Thank you so much! I'm going to try this hopefully this week and let you know! It sounds really good!
  19. General How are you planning to lose the Holiday weight this year?

    That sounds like a good routine! Would you mind sharing how you make your ice tea or what you use? I want to start having something like that in the fridge for me instead of pop!
  20. General How are you planning to lose the Holiday weight this year?

    Good for you, Laurel! I've stopped drinking all pop and watching how much sugar I take in. I'm also trying to either run or take a walk each day!
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