Types of Badges

Community Manager Comm Mgr

Comm Mgr

Community managers take care of the entire community so we can enjoy it.
Moderator Moderator


Moderators are the good people who help get questions answered and make sure everyone follows the rules.
Expert Expert


Experts are the smart cookies who know a ton about products and answer questions.
Kmart Cares Kmart Cares

Kmart Cares

People with this badge are trained customer care representatives who make sure you get help when you need it.
Associate Associate


Associates are actual employees of Sears Holding Corporation, but not part of the Community Team.
Vendor Vendor


These are business partners of or suppliers to Sears Holdings Corporation.
Editor Editor


Editors are grammar gurus who create blogs and guides that you will enjoy.
Sr. Blogger Sr. Blogger

Sr. Blogger

Count on these topical wordsmiths to deliver blogs and guides that matter to you.
  1. Home & Family Easy Food Dehydrator Recipes for Beginners

    This is amazing! I had no idea you could make yogurt or fruit leather in a dehydrator. I received one as a gift a few years ago, and haven't used it, except for making kale chips a few times when I …
  2. Home & Family How to Clean Tile Grout

    Great tips. I need them, that is for sure! We have an old bathroom that needs a big grout cleaning. We actually renovated a bathroom recently, and the contractor suggested gray grout with our white…
  3. Outdoors Trampoline Safety Tips for High Flying Fun

    Great tips! We are thinking about splurging on one of these for our kids at some point, even though my son actually broke his ankle in a trampoline accident a few years ago. The dr. said that he see…
  4. Health & Fitness Kmart Customers Raised Nearly $22 Million for St. Jude

    What a year! That is an amazing donation for such an incredibly important cause. So happy to hear about this!
  5. Garden Solutions Center A Taste of Honey

    My sister-in-law believes honey is a cure all! This summer, one of my son's had a pretty bad rug burn (from a bouncy house place!). She suggested we cover it with honey and put a band-aid over it. …
  6. Garden Solutions Center Cooking with Quinoa

    We actually did this last week! My youngest son kept going in the fridge to snack on it, too! All I had to do was add some olives and he was good to go.
  7. Garden Solutions Center Garden Tools Storage

    I am SO getting my husband that tool caddy for his birthday! We have a community garden plot, and he just puts them in a reusable grocery bag before he goes, getting it all muddy! That caddy is perf…
  8. Garden Solutions Center Cooking with Quinoa

    We have been cooking with quinoa for years. I am terrible, though, have never rinsed it! I am interested to see the difference in texture and cooking if I do. Thanks for the yum recipe, too!
  9. Home & Family A New Year- A New Attitude

    Such an inspirational post! I love the idea of adding inexpensive touches to change up a room, as well!
  10. Home & Family 5 Simple Ways to Limit Your Kids’ Screen Time

    Great ideas! The Wi-Fi password is a good trick for when my boys are older.
  11. Home & Family How to Speed Clean Your Home For Guests

    I LOVE this checklist. So great-I know I am always scrambling before guests pop by, and this list makes it seem a whole lot easier!
  12. Garden Solutions Center Holiday Treats for Pets

    What a fun winter project to do with the kids! I will give these those dog biscuits a try this holiday break!
  13. Garden Solutions Center Holiday Cookies and Vintage Cookie recipe

    I love that cookie pan! I think that is worth it for easy cookies. Thanks for that recipe, as well. Mexican wedding cake cookies are my all time favorite, too!
  14. Home & Family Five Warm Winter Drink Recipes

    That buttered lemonade sounds AMAZING. I have never heard of that before. Definitely worth checking out, I think!
  15. Garden Solutions Center 7 ways to winterize your garden

    We also planted our garlic a week or two ago! I love how easy and low maintenance it is And, we have delicious garlic to look forward to come summer.
  16. Garden Solutions Center Top Tools for Melting Ice This Winter

    I always seem to forget to de-ice BEFORE the snow hits! Hopefully, not this year! Great tips!
  17. Home & Family How to clean Garbage disposal

    We seem to go through a lot of lemons in our house. I didn't know they can be used to clean the garbage disposal. Great tip!
  18. Garden Solutions Center Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe & Tips

    I love using our slow cooker in the Fall. We have one handed down to us, and I can't believe how much I turn to it for a weeknight dinner. This is a great recipe-lots of fun herbs and spices in ther…
  19. Home & Family Bucketless Floor Mopping

    This is fantastic. Seems like a less daunting task this way, too!
  20. Holidays & Parties What to Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

    I didn't realize that it is so easy to donate candy to the troops. I would absolutely do that as opposed to my husband or I bringing it to work every week! Whatever we can to get it out of the house…
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