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  1. Holidays & Parties How do you celebrate Easter?

    We do a SUPER early Easter Egg Hunt at our local park with a ton of neighbors. Then, we have a great celebration with my husband's family. It's small, but lots of fun traditions that make it and ext…
  2. Home & Family What do you do with your pet when you go out of town?

    I know-this is ideal. We are still kind of working on it figuring that out. We have some friends who we switch with for nights away, but not for a longer period of time. Thanks for the tips!
  3. Garden Solutions Center How long does it ypically take grass to come out of dormancy once the weather starts to warm up?

    I live closer to you, preiter181, and have been wondering the same thing! Right now the grass around is still pretty brown and wet. Will be looking forward to Kris's reply!
  4. Holidays & Parties Do You Plan To Participate On St Patrick's Day?

    We had our traditional St. Patrick's Day meal last night. My mother-in-law does it up with the corned beef, cabbage, Irish Soda bread, and ends with creme-de-minthe pie. SO good. We always look for…
  5. Garden Solutions Center Grass maintenance tips after the thaw?

    Of course, now it is covered with another 4 inches of snow as of last night...but, will continue the thaw on Friday. Thanks for the tips. I will for sure look into gypsum for the grass around the …
  6. Home & Family Did you watch the Oscars last night? What was your favorite moment?

    I have a friend who has a party every year-just a fun time watching with a group! I LOVED Lupita Nyong'o's sincere, heartfelt speech when she won. I also was glad to hear Bill Murray's shout ou…
  7. Home & Family Tips to help organize baby’s clutter?

    Baby clutter? How about pre-teen clutter? That's what I'm dealing with, at least! I love nice baskets in a baby room-just a good way to store lots of little items, while making it easy to keep th…
  8. Home & Family Are you among the lucky ones (to have MLK Day off) ?

    No day off for me today, but my boys are off AND my husband, which is unusual. He is taking them to honor the day with a service project at the school. They are collecting donations for a homeless s…
  9. Garden Solutions Center Good Garden reference book or magazine subscription for a beginning gardener?

    Thanks so much for these suggestions, Kris! I am going to check out the Garden Gate magazine. She really loves getting monthly magazines, so think I will go that route. Thanks again!
  10. Health & Fitness Favorite winter Olympics sport? What are you looking forward to?

    Love to watch the long distance ski jump, too, yobarps! I just read that this is the first year of a woman's long jump, too. I can't even imagine the courage it takes to even try that sport!
  11. Books Favorite Health & Fitness, Wellness Reading?

    I subscribe to Fitness magazine. It is still one of my favorites! I am a…
  12. Home & Family I was denied the opportunity to get whynotleaseit

    Hi there, rekitamoss19! Thanks for posting today! I would recommend getting in touch with the WhyNotLeaseIt folks at the contact information Wendy provided above. Thanks!
  13. Home & Family I recently made an order on December 18. My order number is 612612759 both items on my reciept said that both would be delivered by December 24; however, when I tracked my package by ups it said that it would be delivered by December 30

    Hi there, Jackie214! Welcome to MyKmart! We can get you in touch with KmartCares, the escalation team, who can follow up with you on your order. A team member will be by in a bit looking to help. …
  14. Garden Solutions Center Which do you prefer for Christmas- live tree or artificial?

    We always have done a live tree, although I can understand the benefits of an artificial tree. I love the smell of a real tree, and find it to be more environmental, although that is debatable. Our …
  15. Saving Money Are you shopping Cyber Monday? What deals are you shopping for today?

    I have big plans to get some shopping done later this afternoon. Slippers, socks, and stocking stuffers are on the list for me today! Oh-and an Xbox game, hopefully, too!
  16. Holidays & Parties can i pay a different amount instead of the minimum payment

    Hey, carol0811! I would recommend visiting your local store to discuss this further. I am sure they can work something out with you. Thanks!
  17. Holidays & Parties can i pay a different amount instead of the minimum payment

    Hi there, carol0811! Thanks for your question on the MyKmart Community today. I think you are referring to your layaway contract? If you make a payment that is less than the minimum amount due, you…
  18. Saving Money how to apply for lease and go

    Hi there, nathaniel79! Welcome to MyKmart! Click here to get your application started for the Kmart Leasing Program. What are you …
  19. Home & Family If I have items in layaway, can I pay the entire contract amount off and return the items that I no longer want for a refund?

    Hi there, dmhong! Welcome to MyKmart! You should have no problem returning those items once you have completed the terms of your contract. Thanks for your question today!
  20. Home & Family I think I lost $50 while shopping today. Does Kmart have a lost and found service?

    HI MinhH! Welcome to MyKmart tonight! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! I would recommend giving your local store a call. They will be able to help. To find your the details, including phone nu…
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