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  1. Liked this: General I live in north central fl. and I want to know what is a k dollar?

    Hi, barkingbrittney. Welcome to the Community! KDollar locations offer customers a wide variety of seasonal and clearance merchandise. These locations participate in the Shop Your Way Rewards Prog…
  2. Liked this: General Why do only some Kmart stores have mygofer?

    Thanks LaurelS. Been lurking here since the changeover to the new website (really miss the old one). Really frustrating to sit by & watch Kmart wither away. I mean how scary is it from a market…
  3. Liked this: General I'm hearing that the Charlevoix, MI Kmart is closing? Has not been announced anywhere but from what I am finding out on the internet that's whats been happening lately. The community actually stopped Walmart from coming in several years ago so this would really be a slap in the face.

    It seems like the company continues to close KMart's instead of investing in some infrastructure improvements. I have shopped at the Milwaukie, OR location for years. The employees were excellent - …
  4. Liked this: General Just wondering -- I noticed there are a LOT of Community Team members from central Texas listed but there aren't any Kmarts left in Austin or even San Antonio. The closest is Killeen, I think.

    Kmart Closed Or Stopped Construction On At least 15 Locations in 1994 In Texas.Most Super Centers.
  5. Liked this: General I was very impressed with our Kmart this Xmas.I Shopped Sears Walmart and Made Kmart my final stop.It was very busy and full of Deals.The Manager was at the front door Greeting Shoppers and assisting at the Checkouts all of which were operating very efficently.As I was leavingI noticed what appeared to be a couple of well dressed Sears Excecutives doing Shopping cart Duty in the parking lot.The store Associates were very helpful and new what they were doing and availible to assist customers.It was a total improvment from the other stores I had shopped at that Weekend!Its been along time since I was impressed in a Kmart Store.Now That Mr. Lambert has taken over will he erase the improvments like he has in the past?By the way this store Deserves to be Upgraded I'm sure it would Pay Very Well Off In The Future.Busiest Kmart I've Seen In Ten Years!!!!

    My friend Amy was praising Kmart this Christmas season, she always used to be one to complain about their prices but said Kmart seemed to have the better deals for the most part this past Christmas. A…