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  1. Home & Family Just What Is Kmarts New Buisness Model!

    I agree! I hope they will get out of the closing down industry. Where's the good news? The Kmart near me (neighboring town) is busy a lot. I really have feeling that they do not wanna have an exit str…
  2. General Kmart store closings?

    It is now :(
  3. Saving Money Why are succesful store locations closing ? Has Hoffman Estates Lost Touch With The Store Customers Hello?

    You're most very likely correct. Why else? So true.
  4. Home & Family Why close stores before the end of the holidays?

    I don't live in Flossmoor or Homewood just happened to swing by the Homewood Kmart on the way to the O'Hare airport. Nice Kmart it was, too bad.
  5. Home & Family Why close stores before the end of the holidays?

    Hey wait!!, I've been to that Super K in Homewood, IL and I remember buying the latest CD from the rapper Nas called "Life Is Good". This is beyond horrible. Where's your sources?
  6. Home & Family Online ordering issues

    You too! .. Bummer.. my Kmart closed 4 years ago. Nearest one is 40 minutes away (24 mile drive I think about). I don't even drive. Sometimes I'm in that area to visit my friend and I go to that sto…
  7. Home & Family Online ordering issues

    I'd like to buy some of them Smart Sense Loop drinks again on Kmart(dot)com. I have ordered them before... I read what you wrote about online ordering of consumables BTW. And I would like be happy…
  8. Home & Family Sturgis Michigan Kmart

    the Super Kmart in Taylor, Michigan is one of the best in Michigan.
  9. Holidays & Parties What Are Your Plans For Labor Day Weekend?

    in response to Wendy that comment
  10. Holidays & Parties What Are Your Plans For Labor Day Weekend?

    perhaps Five Guys Burgers & Fries? They recently opened sum shops up here in West Michigan.
  11. Holidays & Parties What Are Your Plans For Labor Day Weekend?

    Hey, you're going in my direction of the Mitten State, friend. ooh, maybe sometime you'll visit my go-to Kmart in downtown Battle Creek, MI, nearest my home. It's 27 miles north and slight west…
  12. Saving Money why is it written on so many places on th internet that states kmart give a senio discount of 40% but only on wednesdays. then kmart states they have no type of seior discount. perhaps kmart should enact the policy that is already floating around the internet universe, as it is already out there and would be a great shakra for kmart. so until kmart decides about a senior discount program I will be heading over to a store that does have a senior discount to puchase the item I would have purchased at kmart. good buy customer with spenfable cash says kmart as they see me on my way to another merchant. goodbye we will miss you customer.

    Kmart can't control what type of information goes up and about on the internet except SHC websites like searsholdings.com, and Sears and Kmart (dot)com's.
  13. Home & Family who else is never walking into a kmart again after that ghetto bus/kid commercial

    This complaining folks don't know much about hip hop. I myself refuse to listen to most of the mainstream "rap" instead I listen to real hip hop from the soul, I listen to Nas, 2Pac, and Mos Def, and …
  14. Home & Family Why are 5 more Kmarts closing? The Final Solution!

    They need to stop closing Kmarts. No other existing American retailer does this to people: Kmart's fans, customers. Not to mention people with a job get laid off when it's already hard to find jobs. …
  15. Saving Money How do I redeem Missing Points on an online purchase?

    Wait for it to be released. You'll get the points then. If not it WILL work to request credit. :-)
  16. General Hello. I am a loyal kmart shopper. 40 years. SHC is pushing my limits by allowing its stores to deteriorate. I have seen media quotes from Mr. Lampert, claiming he wont invest FULL remodel dollars on stores, because of the chance that store might close. Question..why not do a ful remodel on stores you KNOW wont close? Question -I read a quote from Mr. Clay Wahl, who once said you dont need to invest 5 million dollars on a kmart remodel, that fixing up certain areas is enough? I ask him to see some stores in Wisconsn, and ask if maybe he could spend 1 million? half a million? on floors, parking lots, outdoor signage. For store managers to have to paint walls themself becuase SHC wont pay to have it done, is sad. Question --with Meijer superstores opening 5 stores in Milwaukee in the next 2 years, what is kmarts plan to prepare for meijers entrance into that market? Since kmart had 11 stores in the Milwaukee area, and now have only 5, could they remodel those 5 stores with NICE paint jobs, parking lots, new floors and outdoor signage? Question 4--why did the rockford kmart get remodeled 3 times in 7 yrs.....yet stil does not have the new outdoor sign/logo? and why would they remodel that store 3 times in 7 yrs, yet not remodel the janesville Wisc store not once for 20 yrs? Thank you. question...what is the name of the person who decides if a sears should be converted to a kmart. Question--with kmart struglling over 7 years, and shoppers leaving for competitors in droves,why do executives take vacations when i called? why woudlnt they be at a big round table trying t fiigure out how to fix the chain, instaed of going with how things are? I feel these are legitimate questions, from a customer who is loyal. Why dont the executives care what customers think of the store? thank you so much.

    They shouldn't have to open new stores (but I'd like them to open new Kmart stores). But they need to stop closing they're existing stores.
  17. General Does Kmart sell fireworks in locations where they are permitted by law?

    I've seen fireworks in Kmart. I'm thinking firecrackers and that.. They might also sell fireworks near Kmart, like the parking lot space.
  18. General New Xbox Game Suggestions

    you'll have to buy them used online (some stores have them too). But the really fun ones, Sorcerer Stone and Chamber of Secrets are about a decade old, so best bet might be online. They're great an…
  19. General Smart Sense Coffee Creamers

    I agree with Izel very much! Smart Sense Hazelnut creamer is great, had some today in my coffee. I myself would especially love to buy Smart Sense creamers if they had Sugar-Free (but not Fat Fr…
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