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  1. Liked this: Garden Solutions Center I live in Southern California. When do I plant tomato plants? Indeterminite or determinite? What two are the heartiest to grow?

    Tomato plants can go in the ground after frost danger has past, which may be as early as "now" in your area. Indeterminate versus determinate is a matter of personal preference: determinate varieties …
  2. Liked this: Garden Solutions Center Hi Kris-my sunflowers are already budding but now it looks like little bites are taken out of the leaves-what is eating them? I thought they were a hearty flower.

    Sunflowers are certainly sturdy plants, but they're not necessarily pest-free. And with so many new varieties and hybrids ranging in size from 6 inch miniatures to 12 foot giants, some types are more …
  3. Liked this: Garden Solutions Center What should I do about grubs in my garden?

    This should be an easy and fun solution for you--introduce and encourage natural predators. Biological nematodes are one of the best controls against grubs in your yard or garden and also help keep a …