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  1. Home & Family ROLL CALL Act II (``,) !

    I could go on about Kmart forever. I have many ideas that I feel could would help the company, but on this site it does not seem like there is too much of a place to share them anymore.
  2. General Roll call (Original MyKmartCommunity Site)

    I am still around but I am rarely around to post on here. It is nice to see you are still here. I hope there is some way for me to motivate change in the company, but I doubt too many people care abou…
  3. General Kmart Gas Discount Partners

    I thought the gas station partnership was only for Kmart Supercenter stores. I my area it is advertised as a partnership between Super Kmart and Speedway.
  4. General I'm hearing that the Charlevoix, MI Kmart is closing? Has not been announced anywhere but from what I am finding out on the internet that's whats been happening lately. The community actually stopped Walmart from coming in several years ago so this would really be a slap in the face.

    These are the only Kmart closures I am aware of going on now. There could be others, But I know all these listed below are just beginning the store closing sales. 3101 McClelland Boulevard, Annisto…
  5. General When will the Kmart rebound happen?

    Bananas are the tops selling item at Walmart, Perhaps adding produce or more groceries at Kmart wouldn't hurt.
  6. General Stockholder still waiting on updated list of closing kmarts/sears

    Somebody I know found this list at one of the closing Kmart stores(these are all Kmart stores). These must be the newest list of closures by the company. I do not know if or where any Sears closures a…
  7. General The New Site Is Very Modern When Do You Plan On Upgrading Your Stores To Compare ????

    Wow! Harrison, Ohio does not have a Walmart, Meijer, or even a Target. I would think that Kmart almost has captive customers there!
  8. General Why are they closing the Kmart in Pontiac Mich.Things are really going badly or is it part of the Plan?

    I actually wonder why Kmart does not move to nicer and newer vacant stores that are close to old and deteriorating existing Kmart stores. I am familiar with the Cleveland, Ohio area and there is a vac…
  9. General Why are they closing the Kmart in Pontiac Mich.Things are really going badly or is it part of the Plan?

    I heard that quite a few Kmart stores are currently being (or are going to be) shut down silently. I have not heard anything about a list of closings coming out. I believe last time a closing list was…