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I was born and raised under the green thumbs of my parents, who instilled in me a love of gardening. Through the years I've developed my skills, learned the ropes and nurtured that passion through classes, studies and other learning opportunities as well as professional experience that includes time spent as a certified organic market grower, garden coach and designer. Together with my husband we have developed, nurtured and maintained several gardens on our own property, including a Tuscan courtyard garden, cottage garden, herb garden, wildlife garden, kitchen garden, and a fruit and berry orchard.

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    Yes indeed, THANKS KRIS ! And I agree, Wendy - that is a very nice recipe ! One question... I use a lot of honey, and I get most of it from approx. 25 miles from my home. And the rest is from any …
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    We have been cooking with quinoa for years. I am terrible, though, have never rinsed it! I am interested to see the difference in texture and cooking if I do. Thanks for the yum recipe, too!
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    I was looking for a new Quinoa recipe and this one looks delicious! I'm also going to check out that Kenmore rice cooker!! Thanks for the great info!
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    I live in South Louisiana and moved my potted poinsettias from the dark side of the house to the bright side around Christmas and it bloomed again. This had worked for me the year before. We had a rec…
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    I didn't know I was a fan of pumpkin until I made your bread! I also used your tip about using the roasted seeds in a stir fry. It was fantastic. Thanks for all of your great ideas and suggestions.
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    Loved your idea about decorating with succulents. I picked up one of the lighted tombstones you mentioned and it looks fantastic!
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    The best way to educate families is to make it very clear how a garden-to-table lifestyle will benefit them most. For starters are the savings: savings to the family budget by way of reduced spending …
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    Great information Kris! I am excited to start my own garden and with these helpful tips I am feeling a lot more confident! ;-)
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    What a great column. Can't wait to try all of these tips!! Thank you!
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    This is GREAT to hear, Kris! I will look for Black Prince at my local Kmart as well.
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    Great blog! My mom loves hanging flower baskets!
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    Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge Kris! These suggestions are perfect. I will be Googling each selection to vote on a winner and will also give www.ncwildflower.org a visit for additional ti…
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    Pole beans are great to have in the garden, partly because they continuously produce beans over a long season. As such, continual harvesting when beans are ready to pick will increase your overall yie…
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    Sunflowers can be grown indoors, but they are a bit trickier to grow. These colorful annuals require lots of sun and plenty of room, so they need to be grown in a large container--the bigger the bette…
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    Ideally it's best to give your lawn about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water each week, whether from rainfall, supplemental watering, or from both sources. The key to successful watering for a healthy lawn is…