1. General shop your way rewards points

    They are like money. :) You can "spend them" at Kmart or Sears. 1000 points equals $1. Just let them know at the register that you want to use your points and they will be deducted from your to…
  2. General New Year, New Kmart

    Yes, yes, YES!!!!!!!!!! :) The worse thing about Kmart is checking out (ie, registers!). They would do so much better if they just quit messing with the old ones and totally revamp with new mod…
  3. General Will Kmart be in good shape after Christmas or will more stores close? Will we finally see the Sears side liquidated?

    I sure hope they'll be in good shape an not close more stores!! I think I am at Kmart shopping almost everyday now and would just cry if my store closed. If I can buy something at Kmart, I do.…
  4. Holidays & Parties I saw this great story on the TODAY show! Very cool!

    BEAUTIFUL STORY!!! Loved it!! :) Thank you for sharing
  5. General is Kmart in Michigan doubling up to 10 coupons this week? I keep hearing yes BUT can\'t get a 100% from any stores!

    My stores have been.....no store seems to know it though! LOL!! :) Do what I did when I heard........our flyer says 5 double coupons, so I used 6....when they all doubled, my next trip I tried …
  6. General what are bonus points for/

    You can use your points on anything in the store....they are like cash! :) 1000 points = $1
  7. General where are my friends

    I was just starting to get use to the old site, and now will have to learn this one.....I'm here, but I catch on very slow! LOL! :)
  8. General So maybe I'm getting this wrong or did you just kill off the other community.There were over a million members its like they have been Terminated where did they go.Maybe they've all went to that Big Kmart Super Center In The Sky!Nobody seems to no not even the Experts!

    :) It's GREAT to at least see a familiar name on here!! Thanks yobarps! I'm not too thrilled with this new site, but then again, I am a creature of habit, so maybe I'll get use to this one?!