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  1. Home & Family I too am a former Kmart employee, for 19.5 years. I have been yanked around since April concerning my pension plan. I discovered several others with almost identical scenarios online.I will give only one that is almost chapter and verse of my own, with the exception, I went through my entire application, step by step, twice with someone on the phone so that all would be well. I applied in April and was told that if all went correctly I would begin to receive my pension in May. It has now been six months.. here is an example of the multiple complaints I have read today. Kmart/Sears Holdings, Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan Complaints & Reviews - pension Kmart/Sears Holdings Contacts & Informations Kmart/Sears Holdings Posted: 2012-11-20 by ***** **** pension Complaint Rating: 38 % with 8 votes Contact information: Kmart/Sears holdings 1687 Wolverine Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan United States Phone: **6-2**-**** I worked for Kmart for 33 years and after a serious accident where I was forced to retire, I applied for my pension. I have received 2 sets of paperwork at 2 separate addresses, showing incomplete information. I sent the final completed copies in mid-September and called again in October to verify that my pension was being processed. I was told that my pension check would be processed 45 days from the date of my last completed documents and the calculated date was for November 19, 2012. The person on the phone verified that everything was completed. I called on November 20, 2012 to ask why my check wasn't deposited and was given a new story. They claim that the final paperwork wasn't received until late October which would be a lie. After being persistent in asking for a date of when I would get my check, she finally said 'probably after January 1st because the last useless representative claims I didn't send the final paperwork until the late October date. I have had to delay payments for a hospital bill because of Kmart's lies to me and of course the hospital put me in the credit bureau because they don't believe me anymore. I asked to speak to someone hire up and was transferred reluctantly. I don't expect to get a call back. I have searched the Kmart/Sears website to see if I can send an email or make a call but there is no contact information. I tried their feedback option but it is only for merchandise or stores. I tried their 'help' but it only provides a blank page. Is there a chance that I am not going to get the pension I worked for? i defended Kmart for many years out of loyalty but not anymore and I will never shop there out of loyalty again either. ***** *******. Obviously this is not an isolated incident. Advise please, D*** L ******d