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  1. General Roll call (Original MyKmartCommunity Site)

    Just stopped in for a peek! I remember the old site too. I also preferred it--it seemed more user-friendly & more camaraderie (sp?)in that one. Hey, yobarps!
  2. General How are you planning to lose the Holiday weight this year?

    I didn't overindulge this year. I actually LOST weight around the Holidays--I was under a lot of stress. So my prob is trying to get it back on! I think I got an ulcer or hernia from all the stress…
  3. General What is #1 on your Black Friday shopping list?

    I will not be out shopping on Black Friday. I do not like to shop to begin with, but esp. with all them crowds! I hope everyone else has a good time, though.
  4. General Do you recycle?

    Here in our township, they do not pick up recycling. The nearest recycling centre that is open 24/7 is about 17 miles away. A person in town lets me put my recycling in his containers--as they DO hav…
  5. General Have you written a review lately?

    Surprisingly, I left a review just now. I haven't writtenone in a while so I can't remember how the old format was. For2Day makes a good point: I think a lot of people may think they have to purcha…
  6. Uncategorized What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?Share your Thanksgiving Tips, Advice, Ideas and Traditions here!

    I'm not keen on being around relatives during the holidays. I like my peaceful home atmosphere. I have my turkey & rice & dessert at my house. Turkey is the thing I like the best about Than…
  7. Holidays & Parties Halloween Costumes! Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? What are you wearing?

    I found my outfit the other day. It was at a local resale shoppe. I'm going to be a western person. I found a light blue skirt, western shirt & a western belt & hat. All at the same store.…
  8. General This Site Is Inferior To The Old Site.What Are You Going To Do About It?

    Yeah, I like the old one better too. I haven't been here in a while because it just doesn't feel as welcoming. The way the questioning is set up, the 'blah' colours of the site. It just seems like …
  9. Holidays & Parties Halloween Costumes! Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? What are you wearing?

    I am not sure what I will dress up as this year. I am thinking maybe someone of Mediterranean decent--maybe salwar kameez clothes. Last year I was Amish. I'd really like to be Little Sprout from th…
  10. General So maybe I'm getting this wrong or did you just kill off the other community.There were over a million members its like they have been Terminated where did they go.Maybe they've all went to that Big Kmart Super Center In The Sky!Nobody seems to no not even the Experts!

    I miss the Kmartcommunity. But I will try to get use to this new setup here. Who knows, maybe after I get use to it I will like it better than the old Kmart site. I got my new profile pic, anyway.
  11. Holidays & Parties Has Anyone Been Visited By the Squash Fairy Yet?

    I remember living in Warren. Same thing there. Our street connected two main streets. Alot of speeding traffic. There's something to be said for cul-de-sacs.
  12. Holidays & Parties Has Anyone Been Visited By the Squash Fairy Yet?

    I'm sorry to hear about that. I have never had anything bad happen around this time of year. I often see smashed punkins on the street after Halloween. I take my old punkins & feed them to the c…
  13. General where are my friends

    I don't even know how to ask a Question on this site! Where's the 'ask a question' icon?
  14. General where are my friends

    Hi. I don't understand how this new Kommunity works yet. I hope it works well for us.