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  1. Liked this: Home & Family Hi, I payed my layaway online for the first time on Friday the 8th. When given the option of how much I wanted to pay I chose "other amount" and typed in $37. However, for some reason, Kmart has taken $109 from my personal bank account and I really need that money. I have bills to pay and heating oil to purchase that I can no longer get because the money that was supposed to go towards heat this week is now in Kmart's pocket. I have a 2 yr old child in this house and this is just unacceptable. I got a layaway contract because I couldn;t afford to pay for it all outright and I don't appreciate this incident in the least. I don't want to cancel my layaway, I just want the remaining balance of the $109 that was taken except for the original $37 you were supposed to take and I would appreciate receiving that money back before my oil tank is empty and my toddler begins to freeze.

    And you should be slapped for saying something like that. As a mother I will always find a way. But when bills dont get paid they add up pretty fast. I do not want to cancel my layaway I simply want t…