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Replacement Body Parts

Fix your car on your own with aftermarket replacement body parts.

Whether you got into a fender bender or are taking on a new hobby project, the right aftermarket replacement body parts can help you get the job done for less. Many body part replacements aren't too hard to do on your own, as long as you have the right tools and a little bit of time. When you need to fix a broken mirror or pick up a spare fender, install it yourself and add a little extra appeal to your vehicle. Body shops can charge a lot for labor, an expense you can avoid if you do these updates yourself.

Exterior body parts can be more challenging to replace. Your car body styling parts may be unique to your make, model and year, so it is important to get a good match when you shop for new parts. Trim and weatherstripping can usually be adjusted to a variety of vehicle styles, so you can remain flexible on the smaller body additions. Buy a trim kit and add your own flair to make your car a true work of art.

The right auto body replacement parts are the ones that fit your car and your needs. Don't waste time trying to make an old part fit, when you can get a new parts and accessories designed for your vehicle. Also consider automotive bundles, which help you add the finishing touches to any ride.

At Kmart, you can find the body parts you want without blowing your budget. At competitive prices, this selection is sure to give you the perfect fit for your vehicle.