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Washers & Dryers

Keep your clothes clean with efficient washers and dryers

When laundry day rolls around, a high-tech washer and dryer can provide load after load of soft and clean laundry. Kmart has individual machines and bundles to suit any home. Mix and match high-efficiency devices of your choice, or try a stainless steel combination that coordinates with your washer and dryer pedestals. No matter which style you select, you'll enjoy high-quality machines that will leave your clothes looking and feeling fresh.

Whether you're washing delicate lace or durable denim, the high-powered jets of a washing machine can thoroughly clean a variety of fabrics. A spacious top-load washer can take care of big loads of laundry with ease. Smaller households may prefer a space-saving, front-load washer that can clean, steam and even sanitize clothing. Consider a high-efficiency model uses less water with every cycle for even more convenience.

After a cycle in the washing machine, place your wet laundry into the dryer. As the garments tumble in the bin, wrinkles vanish from the warm and fluffy clothes. A gas dryer provides quick and efficient drying power, while an electric model is simple to set up with a few installation accessories. You can even find a stackable model that requires less floor space in small rooms or apartments. Enjoy fresh, clean laundry with a convenient washer and dryer set in your home.