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Sweep away dirt and debris with a convenient vacuum from Kmart

Whether you’re steaming tile floors or cleaning up the carpets, a powerful vacuum can leave household flooring looking and feeling fresh. These convenient devices sweep away messes with ease. From compact handhelds to powerful upright models, Kmart has a wide selection of floor care appliances to clean any room in the home.

A hand-held vacuum is a great option for smaller spaces, like a dorm room or a vehicle. Charge the cordless device by plugging it into any outlet. Once the battery is full, the compact cleaner can quickly suck up any dirt or crumbs it encounters. Many models even work for both dry and wet debris. A stick model adds extra power and capacity without being too heavy. Casually walk around your apartment, swiveling the narrow vacuum into tight corners and under coffee tables. When the canister is full, simply empty the bagless bin into the trash compactor.

Larger models can handle heavy-duty cleaning with ease. A canister vacuum offers versatile maneuverability and a large capacity. Tidy up the stairs or reach the highest corner of the room with the long, flexible hose. When cleaning a larger room, an upright vacuum can thoroughly penetrate dense carpeting. Models with HEPA filters can even help eliminate household allergens like an air purifier. Enjoy a cleaner home with the latest vacuums and floor care appliances from Kmart.