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Air Conditioners

Stay cool and comfortable this summer with a powerful air conditioner

From traditional window units to permanent in-wall systems, Kmart carries air conditioners for spaces of nearly any size. Instead of circulating room-temperature air throughout your home or office using ordinary ceiling or tower fans, create a cooler environment with powerful AC units that can actually lower the temperature to a more comfortable level. With new models, you can stop relying on just a few fans to keep a room or house cool in the dead of a summer heatwave.

A window air conditioner is easy to install and features convenient, personalized climate controls. Simply open a compatible window in your home and secure the unit using common household tools. Plug the device into the nearest outlet, and begin enjoying a cool breeze. Certain models even include built-in air purifiers for providing refreshing bursts of air.

If you need to transfer cool air from room to room, try a portable air conditioning unit with wheels. Simply attach the exhaust tube to a nearby window and bring the cold air with you. In-wall units provide greater insulation from the warm air outdoors. They're often far more powerful than the portable or window units as well. Kmart has air conditioners from some of the top appliance brands. Beat the heat with a reliable and affordable AC unit.