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      Get the right fit and a durable style when you wear women's workwear shirts

      If you don't work in an office, then you probably have to adhere to some sort of work dress code that involves wearing solid color shirts in durable fabrics that can handle the hustle and bustle of a busy working woman's day. Of course, finding the right women's workwear shirts can be a challenge since many styles are better suited to the male form than for a woman's specific needs. When you shop for shirts designed to fit a woman, you will wear clothes that will fit well, last the whole work day and keep you looking sharp no matter what shift you work.

      If you are looking for a simple oxford style, skip the fashion racks and go straight to workwear styles. Whether you are waitressing or installing windows, you want your shirt to handle a lot of movement and wear and tear as you stay busy throughout the day. Look for heavyweight fabrics, breathable fibers and reinforced stitching that ensures your clothes will last longer than a week. If you spend a little extra money for the serious details, you won't have to worry about replacing your work shirts every time you turn around. Breathable fabrics come into play when you work in an environment where you have to wear a women's winter jacket; keeping the trapped sweat away from your body will keep you cool. Most work shirts come in simple white and black styles to fit the majority of workplace requirements, but don't forget to stock up on fresh colors if you get a little freedom for personal style.

      Women's polo work shirts are also very useful in several work environments, More casual than oxfords, these shirts still need to stand up to some pretty rigorous work days. Again, skip the trendy fashion racks in favor of colorfast work shirts that won't fade with frequent washes. Heavyweight cotton polos will last a lot longer than their fashionable counterparts and a woman's fit will ensure that you aren't tucking in all that extra fabric into your women's jeans.

      Specialty women's workwear shirts are designed to fit the specific needs of your profession. For example, chef's clothing can often be very bulky since much of it is designed for males. However, a woman's fit chef shirt will keep your sleeves out of the sauce and help lend a sense of uniformity to a neat and tidy kitchen. Capris may be ideal for those working in warmer climates; likewise, you may not have a lot of color options for your nursing scrubs, but at least you can buy a work shirt in a fit that still lets you feel like a woman as you are bustling throughout your shift.

      The right women's workwear shirts will last a long time and keep you looking smart. Get rid of your baggy old men's work shirts and put on shirts made to fit your body, feel comfortable and look nice, no matter how tough your work day gets. Start with affordable work shirts from Kmart, where you will find a variety of attractively-priced options in women's cuts that are durable enough for any job.

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