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      Find versatility in men's work jeans

      When you've worn through or grown out of old jeans, you can find durable and long-lasting men's work jeans at Kmart. Finding the right jeans to wear when you're on the job, working in the yard or going for a long hike can make a difference in comfort and protection. It's easy to find any old pair of jeans to wear, but at Kmart, our work jeans are specially designed to withstand long hours of hard work and movement. Whether you're looking for flame-retardant jeans or some with a double knee so they won't rip easily, Kmart has the variety and selection you need. Pick up a pair of jeans that will suit your needs.

      Whether you're working at a construction site or you spend the day doing landscaping, you'll need a quality utility jean that will protect you from the hazards of the job. At Kmart, we have a variety of heavyweight jeans that are comfortable and durable, so you don't have to keep buying new pants because your everyday jeans rip. Many of our products are Arc rated, meaning the material or system of materials is rated to indicate the performance of a material for safety. FR Industries makes a quality flame-resistant denim utility jean that's perfect for outdoor work. Bulwark also makes a utility jean with a one-piece waste band and a metal button closure that's not exposed to the skin. The soft, loose-fit jeans are stitched to last.

      Kmart's work jeans come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose the ones that best fit the purpose you need them for. It's not question that jeans and pants are at the core of a worker's outfit. We carry lightweight jeans for people who might need them to paint a room in their house, and heavy weight jeans for someone who might need them to work at a construction site. Choose from carpenter, classic regular, relaxed and slim fit styles. We also have boot, straight and tapered cuts from a variety of brands. At Kmart, we carry the variety of high-quality, affordable jeans you need for your job.

      When you've found the pants or jeans you need for your work, Kmart makes it easy to find the other parts of the uniform you need as well. We have a huge selection of long sleeve work shirts, including tees, polos, thermal shirts, scrubs, industrial shirts, reflective shirts and more. We also have men's work socks ranging from thick, industrial socks that go with work boots to black dress socks for more formal dress. We also have a variety of men's clothing sets that come with everything you need.

      Finding the right pair of jeans to fit your needs is important, and with Kmart's selection of affordable work jeans, it's easy. Shop at Kmart for all your work clothing needs.

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