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      Set up a great home theater with TV accessories from Kmart

      It takes a lot more than just a television to set up an impressive home theater system. When you're shopping for speakers, assembling your media center and arranging the couch to face the TV just so, don't forget to shop Kmart's collection of TV accessories to make your viewing experience a perfect one. With TV wall and ceiling mounts, TV antennas, 3D TV glasses and more, you'll find everything you need for a fully equipped home theater.

      If you're setting up your home theater in a smaller apartment or dorm room, you may want to consider a TV wall or ceiling mount. By mounting the TV up high, you can eliminate the TV's floor footprint and free up that space for other uses. Most TV mounts have full motion joints which allow you to position the TV at any angle for best viewing, and many models even have spot for mounting audio speakers. These sturdy frames are made of tough aluminum and steel, for your TV's safety and your piece of mind.

      A complete home theater system means a lot of plugs, and a lot of plugs require a lot of outlets. You'll need a multi-outlet surge protector in order to safely satisfy the power needs of your system. Not only to these units provide power to a large number of theater components, they also contain built-in safeguards against power spikes. An unlucky power strike or municipal power surge can send a harmful current through your wall outlet to damage your expensive electronics. By bringing home a surge suppressor from Tripp Lite, Digital Innovations, Belkin, APC or iConcepts, you can kill two birds with one stone and ensure cheap, easy protection for your home theater.

      With today's technology, 3D TVs offer the ultimate in immersive cinematic experience right in your own home. Make sure nothing pulls you out of the experience by shopping Kmart' 3D TV glasses. Cheap or poorly made 3D glasses can detract from the viewing by being too dark, difficult to see through or uncomfortable to wear. That's why it's important to select high-quality glasses from Polaroid, 3D Video Wizard and NXG technology. When you've made a major investment in a 3D TV, you don't want to ruin it by skimping on the small things. Whether you're ducking an explosion in an action movie, traveling an alien world in the latest sci-fi epic or running with a herd of zebras in a nature documentary, quality 3D glasses will put you right in the middle of the picture.

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