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Bring the theater home with televisions 

Televisions have come far from the days of manual dials and a handful of channels. They're sharper, sleeker and more versatile than ever before. Kmart's selection of televisions includes top brands and state-of-the-art options that produce the most brilliant images to date. Shop our selection of televisions to find the right size and price for your home theater system.

LCD televisions provide a beautiful display for viewing your favorite shows. These models include ENERGYSTAR? Compliant options from favorite brands like RCA, making the home entertainment experience a little more energy efficient. LED televisions are also a popular high-definition option. Light-emitting diodes illuminate the screen as opposed to fluorescent lights used in LCD models. The end result is a beautiful color display that makes your favorite programs more vivid than ever before. LED models come in a variety of size options and are produced by top brands like Samsung and LG. 

Plasma screen televisions are a third high definition model. Plasma screens use the phosphors to make up the image that illuminates the screen. A secondary light source is not needed in the television. Panasonic, RCA and Samsung are just a sampling of brands that make plasma models, all of them perfect for watching gorgeous, crisp images with enhanced movement.

If you're looking for an even more immersive home theater experience than even Plasma TVs can provide, consider bringing home a TV projector. These handy units display a large, gorgeous image on any vertical surface, whether you choose to use a blank wall or a projector screen. Clarity and sharpness are not quite as advanced as on higher-end flat-screen TVs, but the size of the picture creates a cinematic experience that's can't be beat outside of the matinee at your local theater.

Bringing television to life in your living room is easier than ever with 3D high definition models. Whether seeking a plasma, LED or LCD screen, 3D options are now widely available, taking your living room a step closer to replicating the theater experience. Most models come ready with 3D glasses, and many also come with Smart TV capabilities. Smart TVs are one of the newest trends in the home entertainment world, and make your television more versatile than ever before. Simply connect the Smart TV to a wireless internet network to check your favorite social networking sites or stream movies and shows. LG, Toshiba and Sony all make Smart TV models, some featuring 3D technology. 

If space is an issue, consider a TV DVD combo. These models range up to 32 inches and have a convenient DVD slot to eliminate the need for a separate bulky DVD box. After purchasing your new TV, make sure you have all the right accessories! Kmart offers cables, TV mounts and brackets to help you get your television set up just the way you want it. Don't forget to protect your investment by shopping Kmart’s selection of surge suppressors to keep harmful power spikes away from delicate electronics.