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      Keep your picture and sound quality crystal clear with TV video cables

      You're the proud owner of a brand new flat-screen television or DLP TV Projector, you've strategically positioned your surround-sound system for maximum audio effect and everything is set up beautifully in a shiny new TV Center. What's missing? Cables of course. TV and Video Cables are the network that ties all the components of your home theater together to deliver an unforgettable entertainment experience. Whether you're setting up a new home entertainment center or just replacing lost and worn out cables, you'll be able to choose from trusted brands like Alphaline, Steren and IMicro at Kmart.

      High-quality audio cables deliver information from your DVD player or game console to your sound system for crystal-clear sound effects and music. While the quality of your speakers has the most effect on audio clarity, poor-quality cables can also deliver less than stellar sound performance. Damaged or worn-out connections can cause audio interference or even drop sound completely. Don't let the little things spoil your viewing experience. Shop quality audio cables from Steren, Alphaline and Philips today.

      HDMI Cables are designed to carry digital audio and video information between the components of your home theater, without the intermediate step of translating the information to analog. Combined with their blazing-fast speed, this results in the best possible video and audio quality you can get from your equipment. All modern home entertainment electronics are compatible with HDMI cables, which means that the various components can use the cable to "talk" to each other and make automatic performance-enhancing adjustments. Not only that, but HDMI cables allow you to transfer files from your computer and other storage devices to your DVD player or game console, allowing your to watch your favorite saved movies and TV shows on the big screen. Bring home HDMI cables from RCA, iMicro, Arrowmounts and Hip Street Universal to experience the difference today.

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