Projectors & Screens


      Bring home a true cinematic experience with TV projectors and screens

      TV projectors deliver a truly cinematic home theater experience that's impossible to achieve even with the largest TV. You'll feel like you're actually at the theater when you switch on your new projector from Kmart, without having to buy expensive snacks, fight through the aisles and listen eo people talking during the picture. By projecting a bright, crystal-clear image onto any handy vertical surface, projectors can have a much larger "screen" size than conventional TVs. Browse top projector brands like Hewlett Packard, Acer, Canon, ViewSonic and more to find the right fit for your living room.

      When purchasing a TV projector, there are many important considerations to take into account. The first is convenience: how easy is it to set up and take down? One advantage of a projector over a conventional TV is that it can be easily transported in a backpack and quickly set up in a new location. Something else to think about is color preservation. If a projector is used for an extended period, the image can lose color integrity if the projector is not specifically designed to prevent this. A final consideration is whether or not to go for a DLP technology projector. While more expensive, DLP-equipped units use a system composed of millions of tiny mirrors which are precisely manipulated to reflect high-resolution images onto the viewing surface. The result is picture clarity that can rival conventional flat-screen TVs.

      The first step you can take towards top picture quality with your new projector is to invest in a projector screen. While projectors will display images on any flat vertical surface, purpose-designed screens from quality brands like VuTec, Elite Screens and Pyle will always display sharper images and more vivid colors. Choose between pull-down ceiling-mounted screens for maximum convenience, or stand-mounted screens for ease of transport. Don't neglect to shop for other important TV accessories when setting up your projector home theater, such as remotes, batteries and TV video cables.