Fitness GPS Systems


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      Never get lost with hiking GPSes

      Almost everyone is familiar with the panicky feeling of taking a wrong turn in the woods and forgetting where the trail is. Fortunately, you can always pinpoint your exact location with a hiking GPS from Kmart. Similar to a car GPS, a camping GPS can be transported easily in your backpacking pack or worn on your wrist for easy visibility. Many GPS devices are even glove-friendly, so you can interact with the touch screen in cold weather conditions.

      High-sensitivity GPS receivers can pinpoint your location even under heavy cover with the help of satellite signals. Use them in the case of an emergency, or simply keep tabs on your hunting or hiking party with the help of unit-to-unit text messages and radio receivers. Waterproofing and a shaded screen allow you to read coordinates under any conditions, whether you're in a desert or a downpour. Along with a fire starter and first aid kit, a hiking GPS is essential to being prepared for unforeseen events.

      Don't get caught unprepared by a wrong turn in the woods. With a camping GPS, you'll always know exactly where you're headed and how to find your way back home.

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