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      Pull your home theater together with a TV stand, TV wall mount or entertainment cabinet

      You've got your new flat-screen television, surround sound system, and living room furniture all picked out. The last thing you need to complete your home entertainment center is top-quality media furniture from Kmart. By providing a place for your television, gaming consoles, DVD collection and sound system, the media center becomes the centerpiece of your living room while tying your recreational space together.

      TV stands provide a hand up for your television, placing the screen at a comfortable viewing height for your family. Most units also include built-in shelves to stow DVD players, video games and other accessories. Because they tend to take up less space, TV stands are a good option for those with smaller living rooms. TV stands come from a variety of high-quality makers like South Shore, Alphaline, Bush Myspace and Essential Home.

      Taking up less space still are TV wall mounts. These handy mounts screw safely into your living room wall, allowing you to position your screen as high or low as you choose. By lifting your television off the floor, it frees up floor space in your living room, perfect for smaller apartments or dorm rooms. These wall mount kits include everything you need to easily put them together, and their high-quality steel construction securely holds your TV and sound system for your peace of mind. Choose from trusted brands like Level Mount, Revena and Arrowmounts.

      If you're looking for a more cinematic experience than even the largest television can provide, you can bring home a high-quality TV projector. These units project a crisp, clear image onto any surface in your home, from blank walls to projector screens. Whether you choose to set them up on a media center or mount them from a ceiling bracket, TV projectors give you a viewing experience that's as close as you can get to a real movie theater, right in the comfort of your living room. Just dim the ceiling lights, break out the buttered popcorn and enjoy.

      When you're putting together your dream home entertainment center, don't neglect the ambiance that proper lighting can give you. Harsh lighting can make a living room feel cold and sterile when you want it to be warm and relaxing. Take a look at Kmart's selection of floor lamps to help make your TV room an inviting space. Whether you choose traditional black metal or modern stainless steel, the soft light emitted by floor lamps can lend an elegant feel to your home relaxation center. Cast a warm glow with floor lamps from Oxford Creek, Diana Crystal, Trademark and many more.

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