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      Xbox 360 games offer something for everyone

      Playing Xbox 360 is a great way to keep yourself, your children or a group of your friends entertained for hours. There's no doubt that playing the same games over and over, especially after you've already beat them, can get boring. If you're looking for new, fun and exciting games for your Xbox 360, look no further. At Kmart, we have hundreds of Xbox 360 games that will be sure to keep you or your children entertained for hours. We have the variety and selection you need to choose the perfect games, regardless of what your interests are. Are you an action junkie looking for your next adrenaline rush? Maybe you're a sports fan looking to buy the latest Madden. Whether you're looking for the newest release or something a little bit older, we have the variety you'll want when buying games. We have games from Electronic Arts, Take 2, THQ and more.

      Finding the right game is important, especially with all the different categories and ratings games have these days. If you're looking for something that involves more movement than just sitting, check out selection of games that take advantage of the Xbox Kinect, which is a motion sensor add-on that allows you to play games without ever using a controller. The device gets you up out of your seat because it allows you to use body motions to control the game. Some games we offer that work with Kinect include "Just Dance 3," "Just Dance Greatest Hits," and "Hip Hop Dance Experience." Get your daily dose of exercise with our selection of Kinect games. Get moving with "Zumba Fitness Rush" or "Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012." Your children will love the interactive game experience with games such as "Nickelodeon Dance 2." If you're interested in playing Kinect games that don't involve exercise, you might enjoy "Top Hand Rodeo," "WipeOut 3" or "Gunstringer."

      We also carry tons of popular games that have variations, such as "Mortal Kombat" games, "Gears of War" games, "Halo" games, "Call of Duty" and "Grand Theft Auto." Music lovers will tear it up with our selection of "Guitar Hero" and "Rock Band" games. Xbox 360 accessories such as extra guitars will ensure everyone will get to play. Younger children will love our games with franchise characters, including Mario, Toy Story, Angry Birds, SpongeBob, Madagascar, Sonic and Harry Potter. So whether you're looking for an educational game that will keep your five-year-old happy while he learns or an action game that your husband will love to play with his buddies, Kmart has all your Xbox gaming needs.

      If you have an Xbox 360, chances are you have another gaming console. If you still have classic Xbox games sitting around, some will work with your new system. Carrying old games forward is a great way to keep beloved old games. We also carry tons of PlayStation 3 games that will allow you to buy for anyone who plays. Regardless of what you need, Kmart is certain to have the best selection of games, consoles and accessories.

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