Xbox 360 Accessories

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      Xbox 360 accessories enhance gaming experience

      Investing in Xbox 360 accessories will ensure you'll have the highest quality gaming experience, whether you're looking for a Wi-Fi adaptor so you can take the console into any room in the house, or an Xbox case that will give your console character while protecting it at the same time. Kmart offers a variety of accessories for your Xbox 360 hardware that will help make your gaming experience authentic and convenient. We have brands such as Microsoft, Level Up, Turtle Beach, Alphaline, Activision and more to choose from. You can find accessories to suit anyone in your family, whether you're looking for a glow-in-the-dark controller or a limited edition Tomb Raider controller.

      Interested in getting moving as you play? Kmart also offers everything you need to start using Microsoft Kinect, a motion sensor add-on for your Xbox that allows you to engage in your games without ever using a game controller. Kinect allows you to partake in full-body gaming, use voice commands and use Kinect Central, which is an online center updated weekly with hundreds of Kinect games, demos and more. Try a bundle that has the Xbox 360 4GB Slim Console, a Kinect sensor, a wireless controller, a standard definition A/V cable, a remote, an HDMI cable a silicone case, a battery pack, a charging cable, five games and more. Though some advancements have been made to PlayStation 3 accessories to work in motion sensor options, they still pale in comparison to the Kinect.

      We also have accessories that make your gaming experience convenient, such as charging packs for headsets, HDMI cables, wireless controllers, controller battery packs and anything else you might need to make sure your console is always in working order. Choose from a variety of different types of headsets that cater to your preferences, whether you're looking for a skinny microphone or thick headphones that cover your whole ear. Buy a batch of wireless controllers so you can easily race against your friends, or simply replace a broken controller for a price that won't clean out your bank account.

      At Kmart, we also offer everything you need to stay connected to other players, family members and friends using Xbox LIVE, an online multiplayer gaming feature. The feature allows you to connect, play and chat with up to eight other users at once while watching movies, listening to music or playing games. We offer an Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Starter Kit, as well as other live options. With our Xbox 360 starter bundles, receive a free month membership to Xbox LIVE. Whether you're looking for accessories to get started with you Xbox 360 or looking for Nintendo DS accessories, Kmart has the quality and selection of accessories you need for any console.

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