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      Wii Accessories Add Another Element to Your Gaming

      With the collection of Wii accessories available for your system, improve your gameplay even more. Kmart offers a variety of video games and accessories from Nintendo, Dreamgear, CTA Digital and Mad Catz. Select balance board protective sleeves, cables and carriers for your system, and choose charging stations to keep your wireless remotes fully charged at all times. With the Dreamgear Soft Sports Kit, interact with your games on another level with the included golf club, baseball bat, tennis racket and steering wheel controllers.

      Before you plug in the balance board and insert "Fit Plus" into the Nintendo, invest in yoga accessories to improve your training. Choose from various exercise mats and bags from Natural Fitness, Stott Pilates and Trainermat. Select the Weider Pilates mat with its extra-thick padding for cushioning your movements, or choose the Shock Athletic yoga mat, which is available in a variety of colors and patterns.

      Improve your Xbox 360 with this collection of Xbox 360 accessories from Microsoft, Mad Catz and CTA Digital. Experience the fun and excitement of the Kinect system, which uses your entire body as the controller. Select a set of Turtle Beach Xbox 360 EarForce headphones to communicate with your friends on the battlefield. Organize and store your Xbox 360 console, games and accessories with a Level Up Generation or Zig-Zag tower. With its ventilated console bay, your Xbox 360 stays cool while you play for hours.

      In addition, enhance your PS3 with these PlayStation 3 accessories from Sony, Dreamgear and CTA Digital. Choose the Sony Move bundle to interact with your games with the specialized controller, and talk with your friends online with the Sony PS3 wireless stereo headset. Individual Sony PS3 controllers are also available in black and white, or choose customized Mad Catz WWE All-Stars BrawlPad controllers with pictures of your favorite wrestlers on each one. Select Nyko HDMI cables, Sony Move navigation controllers and vertical system stabilizers to accessorize your PS3 system even further.

      From remotes with Motion Plus to controller charging stations, find the Wii accessories you need for your console. Shop Kmart online or at the store for more affordable games and accessories for your Nintendo, Xbox 360 and PS3 systems.

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