Play all the handheld games you love on your PSP

For a long time, Nintendo dominated the handheld gaming world with the Game Boy, a pocket-sized device that let you take your favorite games with you on the go. However, the Sony PSP gives the old Game Boy a run for its money, with features in full color that offer hours of engaging game play. Taking a few tricks from the popular PlayStation 2 and other PlayStation consoles, this device gives you superior graphics and sound with internet connectivity that lets you individualize your gaming experience from top to bottom.

The PSP is a great starter handheld gaming system that offers fun new ways to explore your old favorites. The familiar Sony PlayStation action buttons are all there, with a little nub that operates like a joystick. The large screen lets you get deeply into the action of your game play, with graphics that let you see every tiny detail. Some PSP models also feature a built-in microphone so that you can make recordings or chat with other players. Other models also include internet connectivity, a first for handheld gaming devices. With the internet connection, you can access additional game content, as well as check your email and Facebook pages.

The PSP primarily runs on Universal Media Discs, small game discs that are pint-sized enough to fit into your portable device. Since these discs are quite portable, you can bring several of them wherever you go. Plus, you also can play movies that are formatted onto Universal Media Discs. This is a great way to keep yourself entertained on the go; when you get tired of gaming you can just pop in a movie and relax.

If you prefer to keep the game play at home, but don't have a PlayStation 3, the PSP allows you to hook up to a video output, which means you can actually play your games on the big screen as well. Later models of the PSP also offer Bluetooth connectivity so that you can access your computer, tablet or cell phone to download other media files as well. This multi-use connectivity enhances your device to be much more than a simple handheld game player.

You can accent your game play with a variety of accessories to help you have the best experience. A charging dock will allow you to watch movies and keep your device at full power at all times, while additional car chargers let you keep gaming on the go, no matter how long your road trip happens to be. A good set of headphones is essential for hearing all the action when you are stuck in loud places like lobbies and airplanes. And of course, you will want good data and audio visual cables to help you hook your PSP up to any television or computer.

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