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      PlayStation Vita games pack a powerful punch in s small package

      When it comes to stellar graphics and crystal clear sound, nothing can beat the precision and fun of your PlayStation 3 games. After all, the PlayStation 3 hardware is designed for the ultimate realistic gaming experience. However, you can't always take your PlayStation 3 with you on the road. For that, you need the handheld capabilities of the PlayStation Vita. With wireless connectivity and access to hundreds of instant downloads, you will never run out of gaming fun. PlayStation Vita games offer the perfect combination of convenient access and great interactive adventure.

      The PlayStation Vita is equipped with an OLED touch screen and a rear touch screen in addition to the regular analog sticks and buttons common on every PlayStation device. In addition to the interactive touch screen features, you can also manipulate game play using the device itself, which contains a gyroscope that senses movement in several directions. Unlike PSP games, you don't have to worry about inserting a disc in to your device. A proprietary and portable memory stick holds all the content you need. Alternatively, you can download your games from the online store so you don't have to worry about toting around a hard copy of the game at all.

      The most popular games for the PlayStation Vita are younger cousins of all the best-selling PlayStation 3 games you know and love. For example, both the "Metal Gear Solid" and "God of War" franchises have special edition PlayStation Vita versions of their games. Additionally, you can access and play the console versions of the games, though your game play will be a little bit different on the smaller screen. Though they are different, you will still love the fact that you can take your game play on the go wherever you go.

      Of course, there are many games designed specifically for the PlayStation Vita. "Assassin's Creed" and "Need for Speed" will be perfect for you if you are craving a little intense action. If you want something a little more family-friendly, opt for fun games such as "Rayman Origins" and "Little Big Planet". These games offer engaging fun without a lot of violence or heart-pounding scenes. For the sports-fan gamer, the PlayStation Vita offers a variety of games from professional leagues like NBA, NFL, MLB and FIFA. You can also access special games each time the Olympics roll around. For fun, mildly realistic game play, "Hot Shots Golf" is always a winner.

      No matter what type of games you like to play, the PlayStation Vita has something for everyone. Between all of the online content and hard copy games available, you are sure to have plenty of hours of game play to keep you busy, whether you are relaxing at home or just trying to survive the commute to work. Kmart can help you find whatever games you need. With a large stock of games in every category, we can help you get exactly what you want at the perfect price to fit your budget.


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