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      Get a high definition experience with a PlayStation 3

      Perhaps the most anticipated gaming console release in recent years was the PlayStation 3. In a time where HD-DVD and Blu-ray technologies were fighting to dominate the market, the PlayStation 3 cemented Blu-ray's role in providing clear images and crisp surround sound to gamers and movie addicts alike. Plus, the system offers enhanced online features, including more interactive communication options with other gamers and instant download capabilities for a variety of titles.

      As technology becomes more centered on a multipurpose approach to everything, your gaming console comes closer and closer to doing everything but making your morning coffee. Just like the PlayStation 2 before it, the PlayStation 3 offers online connectivity that lets you browse the internet and access several favorite sites through your browser or special apps downloaded to your device. You can watch television on Netflix or instantly play videos on demand from Sony's online store. You can also download added content for games as well as many full titles, just as you would download PSP or PlayStation Vita games on the go.

      Your PlayStation 3 also features wireless connectivity to devices in your home. You can sync your phone or computer to share content or use your Bluetooth to connect a wireless headset as you are chatting with other players while participating in an online game. Wireless controllers allow you to roam around the room without tripping over cords or being limited to a small area. The newer editions of the PlayStation 3 offer DualShock 3 controllers with the rumble vibration feature that keeps you in on the action.

      The PS Move is a new innovative add-on that is designed to use the technology of the PlayStation 3 to further enhance your game play. While the amped up graphics and sound are good for some gamers, beginners and families prefer easy-to-play games. The PlayStation Move is a controller without buttons that lets you use your body to guide the movement of characters and other elements of game play. You don't have to learn a five-button combination move; instead, you just act out the move yourself.

      Some other hidden gems of the PlayStation 3 include a built-in memory flash card reader. This allows you to transfer many different kinds of media to your PlayStation 3. For example, you can upload pictures to share on the big screen, or you can edit them with the included photo-editing software. Of course, the games are always a big part of the PlayStation 3, but it can do so much more. Backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2 discs is available in some PlayStation 3 models, which means you won't have to give up all the old games you came to know and love on the PlayStation 2.

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