Nintendo DS Accessories

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      Play in style with Nintendo DS accessories that enhance and protect your gaming experience

      When it comes to outfitting your Nintendo DS, you want to maximize the experience of your gameplay. A handheld gaming console by itself is fun, but it can be a much more thrilling experience when you add on features that help you sink right into the action. Likewise, you may need some Nintendo DS accessories that protect and help care for your device. Whether you are looking for something to enhance your gaming or protect that precious Nintendo DS hardware, the right accessory can make all the difference.

      The first accessories you should buy will include protective items for your Nintendo DS. A good protective case is key if you ever want to take the handheld gaming system out of the house. Hard shell cases will be the most durable, which is great if you or your friends tend to be accident prone. If you already have a padded backpack or tote, then you may just need a soft case to protect your Nintendo DS from nicks and scratches. With two screens, you may also want to consider a screen protector that helps keep your image sharp and clear instead of covered in greasy fingerprints.

      Of course, accessories aren't all business. You need something that helps you play hard. A rumble pack is a great, unique addition for a Nintendo DS, because it is incompatible with the Nintendo Dsi. This attachment lets you feel vibrations, giving you more realistic and entertaining game play. While this option only works with a few select games, it is a great enhancement that makes handheld gaming more intense and realistic. For another fun way to enhance your gaming, opt for a guitar grip to help you shred some tunes on Guitar Hero. This is another exclusive attachment that does not work with Nintendo DSi hardware, so enjoy it on your DS or DS lite.

      Of course, the usual accessories are essential as well when you outfit your Nintendo DS. A headset is a great way to enjoy some hands-free chatting on your DS, and a good set of headphones can give you a stereo sound experience. You can also opt for a special custom stylus that fits your hand perfectly and helps you show off some of your personal style. It doesn't hurt to stock up in case your included stylus gets lost or damaged. A good stylus can help give you greater control over your gaming. Finally, a spare charger or car charger can help make sure that you are always ready to game, whether you are at home or on the go.

      When it comes to handheld gaming, Kmart is a one-stop shop for everything you need. Come stock up on gaming systems, games and accessories that will keep you entertained for years to come. With a great selection of items at affordable prices, we can help you get all the gear to make for a perfect handheld gaming experience.

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