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      Nintendo 3DS offers a high-quality 3D gaming experience

      If you're looking for a gaming console that has all the components you need for a high-quality gaming experience, consider the Nintendo 3DS. Like Vtech games, this handheld console is great for gaming at home or on the go. Keep your children entertained with a variety of games for all ages. The Nintendo 3DS comes in tons of colors, including blue, pink, white, midnight purple and black, to make your gaming experience more custom.

      The Nintendo 3DS offers portable gaming with features that include 3D graphics with no need for special glasses. The display of the upper screen gives objects in the game a feeling of depth and space that goes beyond what other gaming consoles can offer. Characters and obstacles in your game become easier to see, making the gaming experience even more real. The device allows you to play games and watch videos in full 3D, all in the palm of your hand. So if you're looking for a device that will keep you or your children intrigued and entertained for hours on end, the Nintendo 3DS is the gaming console to buy.

      The console is backward compatible with nearly all Nintendo DS games, so you can make use of all the games you previously used with your older DS. If you're looking for new, high-quality games, Kmart offers a variety of 3DS games that will accommodate people of all ages with different interests. If you're looking to purchase inexpensive games that give you tons of options, check out our collection of DS games, which you can use with almost any of your Nintendo handheld devices. The console also allows you to access streaming TV shows and movies through Netflix, as well as 3D videos that can be downloaded instantly. So whether you have one or four consoles in your family, everyone can find something they love about the Nintendo 3DS. If you're looking for more interactive games from Nintendo that give you high-tech gaming experience, consider purchasing the Wii.

      For the DS, Kmart also offers a variety of accessories that will make your experience using the console as convenient as using a Kurio tablet. Car chargers, wall chargers, connector cords and power packs will ensure you have everything you need to use your 3DS wherever you go. If you're looking for optimal protection, we also offer a variety of cases, covers and screen protectors that will ensure your DS will last as long as possible without scratches and damage.

      If you're looking to purchase a 3DS, an accessory bundle might be the right choice to ensure you get the most out of your gaming experience. Bundles come with the hardware, cases, screen protectors, extra touch screen pens and games to you started. With a bundle, you won't have to keep going back to purchase more items as you start playing and discover you need more. Kmart offers all the 3DS hardware, accessories and games you need to get started with game play.

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