Disney Interactive Nintendo 3DS Games


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      Get stunning gameplay with Nintendo 3DS games

      Whether you're looking to keep your children entertained or looking for a quality gaming experience for yourself, the Nintendo 3DS offers real 3D adventures without glasses. Kmart offers a variety of Nintendo 3DS games, including family, classic, action and adventure titles. The 3DS is backward compatible with all Nintendo DS games, so you won't have to worry about your collection of old games going to waste when you switch over to the 3DS. We offer a variety of 3DS games for people of all ages and interests.

      Choosing the games that will keep you and your family entertained is easy at Kmart because of our wide selection of 3DS games from THQ, Nintendo, Ubisoft and Namco. We offer current pop culture games from franchises such as Star Wars, NCIS 3D, WWE, Angry Birds and more. Our selection of Mario games includes everything from "Mario Tennis Open" to "New Super Mario Brothers 2," as well as "Nintendo Mario Kart 7," "Nintendo Super Mario 3D Land," "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon" and countless other Mario Brothers games. We also have your other favorite characters and franchises, such as Harry Potter games, Lego games, Disney Interactive games, Pirates of the Caribbean games and more. For gamers who aren't interested in shoot-'em-up games, we also offer tons of brain teasers and artistic options for the gamer who would rather create or challenge themselves. So if you're looking for something educational to keep your small children learning while playing or looking for a low-key way to pass a Saturday afternoon, look no further. Kmart's selection ensures you have every type of game available to choose from.

      The display of the upper screen on the Nintendo 3DS hardware gives objects in the game a feeling of depth and space that goes beyond what other gaming consoles can offer. Characters and obstacles in your game become easier to see, making the gaming experience even more real. In addition to a variety of game choices, the device itself allows you to watch videos in full 3D all in the palm of your hand. The console also allows you to access streaming TV shows and movies through Netflix, as well as 3D videos that can be downloaded instantly. So if you're looking for a device that will keep you or your children entertained for hours on end, the Nintendo 3DS is the gaming console to buy.

      If you're looking to build up the rest of your gaming collection, check out Kmart's variety of Xbox 360 games. For classic games for both your original Xbox and your Xbox 360, Kmart has a variety of affordable titles for people of all ages and gaming interests, whether you're into actions, sports, puzzles, history or traditional video game characters like Disney or Super Mario Brothers. Whatever your gaming needs might be, Kmart offers a variety of games, accessories and hardware for any gaming console.

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