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Take work, school and entertainment wherever you go with laptops

Most people carry smartphones wherever they go, but laptops are essential if you want access to anything more than simple web browsing and email. Kmart carries models from top brands, including lightweight and affordable Chromebooks for users who prefer the convenience of the digital cloud. Whether you're a student or someone who works remotely, you'll find a laptop that suits any daily routine.

After you’ve chosen the laptop that is right for you, look for the proper laptop bag to fit your style and needs. Using just any ordinary backpack or bag to carry a computer can be a recipe for disaster. If you don't prefer a bag, consider a protective case like a zippered sleeve to add a layer of padding. When you're constantly on the go, it's smart to have a backpack or messenger bag specially designed to protect a computer and is spacious for a mouse, chargers or other accessories.

Many of the latest models feature the power and capabilities of a desktop computer without being tied down to a power outlet and a monitor. These options let you truly take work or school on the go. Gaming laptops feature the processing power to run some of the latest computer games whether you're logged in at home, the library or a coffee shop. No matter what you need one for, choose from a wide variety of affordable laptops from Kmart.