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      Stay connected on the go with tablets

      Tablets completely changed the way people interacted with their devices. There has been a shift in recent years from powerful computers designed for work and serious gaming to smaller devices focused on ease-of-use and portability. Tablets bring the best of both worlds, giving users a large screen, a fast connection and plenty of ways to interact with the world. We offer a wide range of tablets from the top names on the market.

      You can find a variety of tablets that include several different sizes and memory levels so you can find the tablet that is just right for you or your kids. For reading purposes only, you can choose from a variety of e-readers, which include devices like the Barnes & Noble NOOK that look a lot like tablets. These e-readers are especially designed for you to read on the go, taking your whole library with you in your pocket or purse. For kids, you can find handheld game consoles like Lexibook games that offer an easy-to-travel game paradise.

      When choosing a tablet, screen size is one of the major considerations. Most tablets have anywhere from 7 inches to 10 inches of screen space, measured diagonally. The 7-inch size, like the one on a Kurio tablet, is often compared to an e-reader, whereas the 10-inch size feels more like a netbook or other small computer. Weight is also a factor, as the larger tablets tend to be heavier and harder to hold for long periods of time. Also consider how much you want to be carrying when you take your tablet out with you, and if you want to carry it in a pocket, how big your pockets are.

      With a variety of accessories to support your tablet, you're sure to get everything you need. You can even find Meep accessories for your Meep tablets which are perfect for your kids' first tablets. Some tablets offer a variety of special features for you to consider, as well. Vtech games are perfect for kids just learning to use hand held devices. If you expect to do a lot of typing on your tablet, you may want one that has a keyboard included and has a screen that swivels to convert between a tablet and a netbook. Take note of other features like built-in cameras so you can video chat on your tablet.

      When you're shopping for tablets, you want to have the newest models with the most extensive features. You can find models for adults and kids designed to accommodate all of the users' needs. Find the best selection of tablets and hand-held media devices to fit your needs and budget when you shop at Kmart.

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