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      Computer Games from Kmart Offer Hours of Fun for the Family

      Build a massive collection of computer games for your PC. Kmart offers a full range of games from Valu Soft, Electronic Arts, Activision and Take 2. Choose from an inventory of action-adventure, family, racing, sports, strategy and puzzle games. Browse popular game titles such as "Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," "Just Cause" and "Assassin's Creed," and find children's movie-inspired games such as "Ant Bully" and "The Incredibles."

      Extend your gaming experience on the road when you choose from a selection of laptops and netbooks. Choose laptops with 6GB of RAM and 3.1GHz processor speeds for playing intense computer games, and select a laptop from HP or Toshiba with a 17-inch screen for crystal-clear viewing. Browse popular brands including Targus, UPG, Koss and Dell, and choose a smaller Sylvania or Acer Aspire netbook for playing games in the car or at the cafe.

      Find the right computer accessories to improve your laptop or netbook. Reduce wear and tear on your laptop with a Gear Head wireless Mini Smart Touch keyboard. Choose from air dusters to keep your computer fans from collecting dust and bogging down. Select from cables, headphones and extra storage devices, such as the 3TB Western Digital My Book external hard drive. With over three terabytes of space, store all of your music, movies, games and important information in case your laptop or desktop hard drive fails.

      Stay entertained for hours with classic games for the PlayStation, Xbox, Game Boy Advance and other handheld gaming systems. Shop plug and play TV games, such as the TV Games Spiderman or Jakks Pacific Atari video games for the TV. Keep your children entertained with Leap Frog "Dora the Explorer" and "Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg" handheld games. Find platinum hits such as "Burnout 3" for the Xbox or "NBA ShootOut 2004" for the PlayStation One. From classic TV games to handheld games for the kids, find a fun game to play and pass the time.

      Find computer games that let you scale walls, score points and conquer entire civilizations. Shop Kmart online or at the store for affordable laptops, computer accessories and games for the entire family.

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