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Desktop computers are ideal for work and entertainment

If you are trying to decide what computer will best fit into your lifestyle, desktop computers are versatile, high-powered devices that can handle your work needs during the day and your entertainment needs when the family is gathered together at night. Computers are about so much more than just word processing, and you can easily see this in all the different computer games and software options on the market. When you want one device that can do it all, you want a desktop PC that gives you the power and speed you need to run any program for any purpose.

While laptops offer portability, it's easy to set up a customized workspace with a desktop computer. A larger monitor or an ergonomic keyboard are accessories that can add extra comfort and functionality and can't be used on the go. Additionally, you won't have to worry about battery life, and with features like sleep mode, your desktop can stay connected so you can get back to work quickly when you return to the computer after a break. Having a designated and personalized space for your computer can make it even more relaxing and enjoyable to use.

Your laptop may be more mobile than your desktop, but your desktop can offer a lot of options that your laptop simply won't. The large PC tower enables you to access various forms of computer software on media like CDs and DVDs, which your slim laptop may not have disc drives for. In addition, the larger towers often include fans that keep the internal components cool as hardware and CD drives run at full speed. Desktop computers also have plenty of room for software, expanded memory options, and other taxing computing activities that a laptop can't always handle. You will love the freedom to run high-powered games or edit massive media files from the comfort of a computer that can keep up. Plus, you can outfit your desktop with a variety of accessories that keep you ergonomically aligned for the best experience possible.

When it is time to hunt for a new desktop, start at Kmart. We offer popular brands at affordable prices that let you customize and bundle a computer package to fit the needs of your home and family perfectly.