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Car Electronics

When shopping for car electronics, you can find a variety of helpful accessories at a great price at Kmart. You'll find everything you need to give you enough power to charge your portable devices. You'll also find tools and installation kits for your automotive electronic components, as well as an extensive selection of audio and video components and accessories. Regardless of your car electronics needs, you'll find what you're looking for.

Don't get caught without the accessories you need to travel smart. Whether you're on a road trip or moving your belongings into a new home, having the right car electronics can help make your drive smoother. Connect your vehicle to a trailer with a plug-in RV blade or multi-tow and you can transmit your brake lights directly to your trailer for safer travels. If you're shopping for a power inverter, our selection includes high-voltage automotive power accessories so you can safely run phone and MP3 chargers alongside other electronics.
Shop for the tools you need to make any car electronics installation easy and safe. From the basics, like electrical tape and a supply of batteries, to higher-end diagnostic tools, including waterproof thermometers as well as light, sound and gas detection meters. Your car's toolkit should include everything you need to make electrical repairs while you're on the road. Invest in a set of insulated electricians screwdrivers that are safe for working at high voltages. Carry a 30-, 40- or 100-foot cord reel in your vehicle to ensure that you're never too far from the nearest power source. Extensions cords and generator patch cords are also available for your toolkit. When it's time to run diagnostic tests, our comprehensive selection of electrician's tools will save you time on auto electronics repairs and installations.

When you choose new audio and video accessories for your car, opt for Kmart's selection of speakers, receivers and related installation kits. Smart electronics from trusted brands can give your vehicle top quality sound. A selection of two-way speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers compatible with any car will enhance your audio experience so you can enjoy a full range of music, audiobooks and more on your drive without sacrificing quality. Universal car audio and video installation kits are also available so you can have everything you need if you prefer to make it a DIY project.

Kmart is your one-stop shop for auto electronics and accessories. Find the latest in car electronics with everything you need to amp up your vehicle for the long haul at Kmart.

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