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      "WebCams Provide Low-Cost Video Conferencing Bridging the distance between loved ones through video calling is just one of the many impressive uses for webcams. Businesses large and small are using webcams to set up low-cost video conferences. Families are using webcams to easily email pictures to relatives and friends. Some webcams now come with software, such as remote monitoring video capture software, that helps any buyer catch up with the techies in his life. With a ride range of prices and available options, there are webcams to fit any budget or any Internet guru's needs. The first step to purchasing the right webcam is to determine the connecting computer's specifications. Armed with the knowledge about memory capacity and operating software, buyers can find the webcam that is sure to work on their machine. A webcam's image quality is based mainly on two factors: the camera's resolution and frame rate. Resolution is basically the number of pixels that will be in the finished image. Pixels are dots of color. A higher resolution will result in a better image. Frame rate, or frames per second, essentially denotes the number of images that are relayed in one second of video. High frame rates will deliver better videos without the flicker effect. However, high frame rates will also take longer to travel the Internet. Consumers should keep in mind that Internet connection speed also influences image and video transmission times. Besides frame rate and resolution, there are other options to consider when purchasing a webcam. Some webcams do not come with a microphone. For these, microphones can be purchased separately. Some users may prefer to use a headset rather than the microphone. Most webcams offer color pictures and videos. Some buyers, however, may prefer black and white images, such as those wishing to use their webcams as security devices. The included software will determine the usage possibilities for any webcam just as much as the camera's specs. Software can range from basic image editing to photo album creation. Even software intended for use with a security camera is available with some webcams."
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