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      Shop for Fast and Furious Racetrack Sets from Kmart

      Boost your child's imagination with interactive racetrack sets and toy cars. At Kmart, you have access to a range of racetracks, all of which provide hours of fun for your child. From the Artin Cyclone Challenge electric racing set to the Fisher-Price Trio Stunt Ramp, your child can race with friends to see who captures the checkered flag.

      Learning Curve offers car models based on the cartoon and hit movie "Speed Racer," so your child can whip around the track in the "Speed Racer" Shooting Star. Other toy cars to add to your child's collection include a variety of farming toys. These toys consist of John Deere tractors, Caterpillar dump trucks and Fisher-Price toy trucks of all shapes and sizes. Moreover, your child can create an entire landscape of toy vehicles around his or her racetrack sets and stay entertained for hours.

      Not all toy vehicles have four wheels; in fact, you have access to an inventory of motorcycle toys to choose from. Add the green Road Ripper Kawasaki to your child's vehicle set, and let your child learn finger flips and tricks with the Flick Trix Bike Shop. These miniature bikes are available in a variety of colors and styles, and each pack comes with real-life accessories and interchangeable parts.

      However, you are not limited to motorcycles and bicycles alone. Choose from Suzuki, Ride Polaris and Just Kidz toy ATVs. With radio control models, your child can learn to maneuver the vehicles over and around obstacles both indoors and out. If your child loves "Halo," then you can offer new "Halo" RC vehicles with rear-mounted anti-aircraft guns. Each RC "Halo" model comes with moveable parts and two action figures.

      While toy dump trucks and radio control cars are sure to provide plenty of fun, nothing beats fantasy vehicles. These vehicles are unlike other toy cars, trucks and motorcycles, and each one lets your child expand his or her imagination even further. The Just Kidz Robo Morphers transform from average trucks, cars and helicopters into robots with real-working parts. Furthermore, the Imaginext Space Station comes with action figures and green aliens.

      Fantasy vehicles change shape and offer intergalactic fun for every boy and girl. Shop Kmart for a complete range of racetrack sets and other toy vehicles, and give your children toys that enhance their imaginations.

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