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      Shop for Remote Control Cars and Toy Vehicles from Kmart

      Children love fast vehicles and toys that go "zoom," and this selection of remote control cars give your child the fast-paced action that he or she craves. At Kmart, you can find a range of remote control cars and other toy vehicles available. The Tonka XT Ricochet Stunt Pro features four large wheels, which help the car maneuver right-side up and upside-down. Additionally, a remote control police Dodge Charger speeds off with its realistic decaling and chrome rims.

      In addition to RC cars, you have a selection of remote control aircraft available. Rescue vehicle toys such as the Sky Invaders RC helicopter flies high and low to search for stranded motorists. Call in for additional troops with the Just Kidz Search n' Rescue Army helicopter with two action figures. The PLAYSKOOL Sesame Street fire truck comes with a Grover action figure, and the Tonka fire engine features a real-working extension ladder and realistic emergency sound effects.

      Some toy cars and trucks let your child's imagination skyrocket, such as this selection of fantasy vehicles available. The Imaginext Space Shuttle blasts off into outer space to explore new galaxies and search for alien life. Additionally, the Imaginext Space Station features two action figures and a collection of green aliens. Just Kidz Robo Morphers transform from cars, trucks and airplanes into robots that save the day. If your child loves "Star Wars," then "Star Wars" fighter vehicles let your child fly through space to save the Jedis from the evil Empire.

      Motorcycle toys complete your child's collection of remote control cars and toy vehicles. The MXS remote control Super Stunt Bike features real-working suspension and self-balancing control. In addition, it performs huge jumps and continues to drive along at record speed. "Halo" RC vehicles mimic the look of the popular Warthog vehicles in the action game, and your child can maneuver the toy in and around obstacles both indoors and out. Flick Trix finger bikes are also available, which feature over 20 interchangeable parts and real-life accessories.

      With this selection of remote control cars, rescue vehicles and fantasy spacecraft, your child can build the ultimate city and then play for hours on end. Shop Kmart for more affordable remote control vehicles such as cars, trucks and helicopters, and give your child a fun, interactive gift.

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