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Unique remote-controlled animals and other toys are perfect for creative kids

Kids love toys that make sounds, light up and move around, and with remote control animals and other specialty toys, your kids will have everything that they could want. With toys that are high-quality and durable, your children will be able to play for hours. Finding the perfect specialty or remote-controlled animal toy is easy with Kmart.

Small children love playing make believe, and easy-to-use toys and play sets by brands like Little People let their imaginations soar. Farm haulers and safari haulers include toy off-road vehicles that can be loaded up with jungle animals and farm animals. As your children grow older, though, they'll want to have toys with more bells and whistles. You can find mechanical animals and other specialty toys that are perfect for the growing creative.

Lights and sounds make specialty toys even more exciting. Options from Fisher-Price and similar brands include a wide range of features that will keep your child busy for hours on end. Your children will delight in playing with remote control dragons, robots and other creatures, as they create an entire world of imagination. Sometimes, kids will create battles between their favorite characters. They can use their specialty toys to play with their Imaginext dragon for the ultimate showdown.

Dinosaurs are perennial favorites of kids of all ages. What child could resist a remote-controlled dinosaur? Eye-catching remote-controlled stegosauruses and other dinosaurs are the perfect foe for your child's Imaginext ogre. In addition to moving at the will of your child, many of these remote-control dinosaurs and other toys make sounds and even light up. They come in a variety of styles and designs, so that you can find toys that are appropriate for kids of all ages. Older kids continue to enjoy specialty animal and remote-controlled toys, but those toys tend to be a little more involved. Options like Transformers are excellent choices for many older kids, and you can't go wrong with Kmart's competitive prices. A wide array of these toys is available at Kmart, so it's easy to find your child's favorite character.

There's no need to feel overwhelmed when buying specialty and remote-controlled toys for your child. Kmart makes it easy, and you can always count on low prices. Shop Kmart today to find a great selection of toys for any child.


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