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      Train sets and playtables give your child's favorite toy a home

      When kids are encouraged to use their imagination, they thrive. Little boys and girls love to let their imagination run wild when they play with toy cars, trains, cars, action figures and more. Train sets allow kids to practice motor skills and creativity while come up with characters and acting out stories. At Kmart, we have a great selection of train sets and playtables for children of all ages. Whether you're looking for an elaborate playtable that will keep kids and their friends entertained for hours, or a simple train set for your little one to practice putting together.

      Our selection of train sets and playtables have a variety of themes for your child to choose from. Real trains run through all different parts of the country, whether it's a small farm town, an industrial town or a big bustling town. At Kmart, we have plenty of playsets that will allow your little one to set up different kinds of scenery around his or her playset. Brands such as Kidcraft make farm train sets, waterfall mountain train sets and natural tables that don't have a lot of scenery to interrupt the movement of the trains. Kids will love to set up winding toy train tracks through trees, buildings and mountains to make their experience authentic.

      Kmart also has tons of Thomas and Friends themed train sets and accessories for children of all ages. Your little one will love our Thomas and Friends World of Sodor Deluxe Set, which comes with 33 pieces of track, a bridge, two motorized trains and cars for hauling hay to the farm or cargo to the station. We also have tons of options for adding on to several of our Thomas and Friends train sets, as well as plenty of cool trains to choose from. Kids love playing with toys that reflect their favorite TV shows and characters, so let your child recreate their top scenes or create new ones with Kmart's selection of themed train sets. If your child also likes musical instrument toys (or, for that matter, anything noisy), check out our selection of musical trains.

      When you give your child a train set or playtable, half the fun is letting your child use accessories to create a cool scene or longer trains. Make sure your child has all the toy train cars he or she needs by shopping at Kmart. Many of our brands have universal tracks, so you can add twists, turns, tunnels and bridges to just about any train set. We also have a great selection of accessories and track pieces for older children and adult collectors.

      So if you're looking for a great way to keep your little one entertained, check out our selection of train sets and playtables. Kids will never get bored with the endless possibilities for fun with a train set. They'll love to build cool track patterns, create their own unique trains and design scenery to go around their masterpieces.

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