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Train sets have been around for decades, and they have stood the test of time as they remain very popular toys even today. Little boys tend to love playing with them, both building new tracks and rolling their trains around. Here at Kmart, we have all the toy train tracks you could need, both wooden and plastic, to start or expand your set. Find Thomas the Tank Engine landscapes and trains, or more generic sets full of all the tracks a child could need. Don't forget about specialty pieces, like bridges and tunnels, that make sets come alive.

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Build twists and turns with our variety of toy train tracks

Children and adults who like trains love to collect the trains themselves, but making sure you have a fun, creative train track is half the fun. At Kmart, we have a ton of different toy train tracks and train stations to choose from. Train sets are always more fun when they have unexpected twists and turns, spooky tunnels and cool bridges. For adults who set up elaborate collector's sets, Kmart has great brands with tons of different track shapes and sizes to choose from. For younger, we have tons of full tracks in all kinds of shapes and sizes that will keep them amused for hours watching the twists and turns. We have tracks in all kinds of materials as well, depending on what kind of track your loved one prefers. Shop at Kmart for the best selection of toy train tracks for people of all ages.

Track sets offer infinite options for planning new train routes or expanding an existing one. At Kmart, we have a huge selection of brands that have sets with one type of track or combo packs that will allow you to build and change the track. Sticking with the same brand will allow you to continue to build and expand your track, as well as start from the ground up if you're looking for a change. But some of our brands are also interchangeable and fit with each other for convenience. Of course, there are the basic straight and curved pieces, but we also carry 90-degree crossovers, angled crossovers and intersections that will allow your trains to change directions. Kmart also has plenty of expansion packs and tracks that can stand alone, such as a figure eight track, and be added to existing tracks.

If you're looking to create a track, but might not know where to start, we have plenty of beginner and advanced kits that will give you everything you need to build a great train set. For little ones, brands like Thomas and Friends have different combo packs. Bachmann Trains also creates a great kit with all the accessories and instructions you need to get started. Railroad kits are ideal for young builders who need a little guidance but still want to set up a track on their own.

With Kmart's selection of cool toy train accessories, you can create your ideal track with beautiful, complex scenery to accompany it. Add variety to a plain track with bridges and tunnels. Use stationary bridges as basic crossways or install lifting and rotating bridges to add complexity and cool to your setup. Tunnels can offer both practical and aesthetic value to your train track, with exteriors ranging from simple wood to scene mountainsides. At Kmart, we have tons of different options for your train set, whether it's designed for a young child or for a collector to build and expand.

If you're looking for a great way to keep train lovers entertained, shop at Kmart for a great selection of toy trains, train sets and accessories. From musical instrument toys to puzzles, Kmart has everything you need when it comes to toys. p>


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