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      Tech Toys

      Tech Toys Engage Kids in Electronic Fun

      Todayâs kids are a fast-moving, tech-savvy generation with a taste for electronic toys and devices. Kmart recognizes this and carries a wide selection of tech toys that appeal to even the most discerning modern child.

      Electronic games for PCs and gaming systems cater to kids who like everything from action to strategy. Modern action games deliver fast-paced story lines that give kids a plot to follow as they play. Role-playing games, also known as RPGs, put players in the middle of rich worlds with complex characters and are meant to be played over long periods of time. Simulation games such as The Sims and Sim City remain popular as well, offering hours of engaging entertainment as kids create characters, build cities and control the fates of fictional worlds. Kids of all ages may also enjoy strategy games in which they have to figure out puzzles or put together a series of clues to solve a mystery.

      Parents who want their childâs playtime to be more educational may wish to look into learning toys & systems. These toys are designed to teach essential skills like reading and math while still appealing to kidsâ love of electronics. LeapFrog, Vtech and other brands aim to give kids an engaging learning experience through systems that read to them, count with them and reward their progress. Parents can get involved by reading along with their kids, helping them to master challenging concepts and sharing in their accomplishments, thereby making playtime even more rewarding.

      With no digital components or related gaming systems, trains are a bit different from other tech toys. However, they are no less entertaining for youngsters who enjoy hands-on play. Trains and train sets let kids build their own little worlds using a variety of track configurations and accessories. With brands such as Fisher-Price, Lifelike and Thomas & Friends to choose from, there are always opportunities for expansion. In no time at all, a bedroom or living room floor can be transformed into an imaginative world with train tracks running through and around stations, trees, towns and more.

      Tech toys and games have great appeal to todayâs kids. Shop at Kmart for the latest and greatest in engaging electronic entertainment for children of all ages.